Quick-Tip Tuesday: Deadlines!

As the year winds down, and I start considering all the work I need to get done in the next few weeks, my mind naturally turns to the topic of deadlines. Deadlines are one of the harsh realities of life as a professional writer. We are always working under one deadline or another; often we face several at once, some of them external, some of them self-imposed. I am looking at four looming deadlines right now, one that I established myself, one that is contractual, one for a short story that I promised to a friend [waves at Misty], and another for an anthology to which I’d like to submit another story.

Writing to deadline is something pros do. Ask any writer what he or she feels is a defining characteristic of a professional writer and s/he is bound to mention hitting deadlines. If we can’t hand in work on […]

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Friday Fundamentals: Deadlines

Today’s the deadline to submit my short story for the upcoming anthology set in Faith’s Rogue Mage world.

No, I’m not kidding. The deadline is on April Fools’ Day.

I submitted my story yesterday, but if I hadn’t had a deadline, I probably still wouldn’t be finished with it. Let me tell you a little something about myself. I don’t like to be late. When I was in college, if I were going to be late to class, I just wouldn’t go. I’m the one who shows up 30 minutes early to everything. I went to a party in college (yeah, just one) and got there several hours too early. Evidently 9pm really meant midnight. So I sat there watching TV with the host, a person I’d never met before, and feeling like a total dork.

But, back to the deadline. There was a part […]

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Real Life Happens


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So today I want to talk to you about deadlines. A deadline is the date an editor or publisher sets as the last possible moment an assignment is due in their hands. The deadline is usually decided based on the publication schedule, and there’s not often a lot of wiggle room. Writers who meet their deadlines (or turn in their work early) are an editor’s dream.

At the moment, I’m more of the nightmare variety.

I owe a certain editor (who is handsome and charming and delightful and the life of any party and gosh what else can I think of to flatter him with right this second) a story for an upcoming anthology. At this very second, I’m not the last person to turn in a story, and as soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going to work on finalizing my story so I can keep that […]

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Yay! I just finished two things I’d promised to do (one on time, one very, very late.) But in managing to finish those two things, I accidentally let my post for today slip my mind until I woke up this morning. Which got me to thinking about deadlines.

When you start writing for publication, you’re going to face deadlines. These are the dates on which the editor must have your work turned in so that things can move along to the next phase of a project. Remember back in the day when you were in school? One of the life skills you should have taken away is the importance of being on time. Deadlines may seem arbitrary, especially if you’re not directly involved in the process past the writing portion, but believe me, they’re necessary. I sometimes set deadlines of my own when working here on MW. Whenever we have […]

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Writing Goals and Real Life

Mindy posted Here, and Here about goals and plans.

Then, David updated his yearly schedule and goals on Monday, and I had to think a bit about mine. Once I started, I realized I had a bit to say on the subject and so I decided to push back this week’s post on the Agents Series for a bit of reflecting. I wanted too look and see what I had accomplished and what got kicked aside. Here’s my original list, and looking at it, I am dismayed at the way it hasn’t worked out! My accomplished goals ended up being reconfigured and semi-achieved all over the place!

My original list: I will lose 15 pounds by May 1. I will cut all artificial sweeteners out of my diet and I will exercise 3 times a week, even if it’s for only 30 minutes a day, through May 1. I […]

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Literary Agents: Top Ten Ways to Make or Break that Relationship, Number 3: The Agent at Cons, Part One

The agent at a con (if that agent doesn’t write as well, which we’ll cover in part two later) is a busy person. They are there to meet prospective clients, socialize with clients, meet with other agents and talk shop, chat up new and already-friends editors, talk up their newest writer-find (if they have something new and explosively exciting that is about to be sent to editors), share with editors all the excitement about their existing clients (so the editors can gnash their teeth remembering when they didn’t buy that client’s book), attend way too many parties where they don’t dare drink but a half glass of anything that might relax them because they have another party to go to in an hour, and, well, they never stop. If they get a headache or backache they can’t quit and lie down. If they need their medication (allergy or anything that […]

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