When art imitates art.

As many of you know, earlier this year I published a novel based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, co-authored with David Hewson. The story was originally released as an audiobook voiced by Alan Cumming and saw print in May. On Friday, November 2nd, David and I will be participating in an event at UNC Charlotte which will feature a staged reading of portions of the book followed by a conversation about collaboration and adaptation. It’s free and open to the public, so if you are in town, you should come by.

What this means is that I am currently taking portions of what was once a play but became a novel and turning it back into something like a play, only a very different one. I’m not sure of the format of the event itself yet, but a staged reading is a kind of halfway house, a hybrid of narrative and […]

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Release day! Macbeth, a Novel

First, thanks to Di for trading post days with me. She’ll be up in my Friday slot.

Today, as you will have gathered from my oh-so-enigmatic title is release day for Macbeth, a Novel. The book, which I wrote with Brit mystery author, David Hewson, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play set in medieval Scotland but paced as a contemporary thriller. The novel has a number of features which make it unusual for me and, I hope, interesting for readers of Magical Words, but I’m just going to select one for extended consideration today.

As some of you will remember, this book—the first I’ve ever co-written—came out of a chance meeting at Thrillerfest a couple of years ago when I found myself (by accident of alphabet) sitting at a signing for The 100 Must Read Thrillers with David Hewson. My essay in the collection was on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and when […]

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Writing Location: The Macbeth Project

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce my friend and co-writer of the Macbeth, A Novel, audio book which comes out from Audible on Tuesday of next week. David Hewson is the award winning and bestselling author of 16 books, and is best known for his Nic Costa detective series set in present day Rome., the most recent of which, Fallen Angel, is currently getting rave reviews in minor local papers like the New York Times and Washington Post. He has a special gift for today’s topic which we is evident in ourShakespeare adaptation, an extract of which you can hear for free here.

Please welcome, David Hewson.


Real estate agents in England (and perhaps elsewhere) have a saying. The value of a property is down to three things. Location, location and location. Books are more complex than houses, but they share a little of that quality too. As a […]

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