Why #HoldOnToTheLight Matters


You’ve heard the story about the boy throwing starfish back into the ocean at low tide. A man chides him that the boy can’t save them all, and what difference does such a futile gesture make? “It makes a difference to this one,” the boy replies, tossing another starfish into the sea.

Light one candle. Scare away the dark. Use your voice every time they try to shut your mouth.

The power of one. Refusing to go gently into the dark night.

Defiance is one of the human race’s better attributes.

#HoldOnToTheLight is about throwing starfish and lighting candles. And giving a one-finger salute to the darkness.

As my friend John Hartness likes to say, there is ‘famous’ and then there’s ‘writer famous’. ‘Writer famous’ is when you walk into a con and people recognize you. ‘Famous’ is when you walk into a Starbucks anywhere in the world […]

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Darynda Jones — My I Hear Fictional People

My Characters and Me

On more occasions than I can count, my characters have this uncanny ability to make me want things or feel a certain way. This is a quick survey to see which characters influence me most in my day-to-day goings on.

Who makes you stay up at night?

*Ahem.* Yes, that would be Reyes Farrow, for obvious reasons I shan’t go into here.

Who makes you want to make a fresh pot of coffee?

Oh, man, every time I start writing Charley now, the first thing I think is COFFEE! If I don’t have a cup of coffee right there next to me, I feel naked. Well, sometimes I am, but not usually.

Who makes you want to watch TV?

Aunt Lil, actually. I love her and I’d love to hang and watch the tube with her. She has some great one-liners.

Who makes you […]

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Darynda Jones — Pure Promo. Eat Your Heart Out!


Chapter One

a blank is the only thing i draw well.


“A girl, a mocha latte, and a naked dead man walk into a bar,” I said, turning to the naked dead man sitting in my passenger’s seat. The elderly naked dead man who’d been riding shotgun in my cherry red Jeep Wrangler, aka Misery, for two days now. We were on a stakeout. Sort of. I was staking out a Mr. and Mrs. Foster, so I was definitely on a stakeout. No idea what Naked Dead Man was on. Considering the fact that he looked about 112, probably blood thinners. Cholesterol medication. And, judging from the state of his manhood, which I couldn’t stop seeing every single time I turned toward him, Viagra. If I were to hash-tag that moment, my status would read something like […]

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Darynda Jones — The Day-to-Days


So, as I head into my third year as a published author, I am still struggling to find a balance in how I write. And believe you me, I have tried it all.

For example, I’ve tried sleeping late, attending to business when I get up, then staying up all night to write.

ADVANTAGE: No distractions. (Bwahahaha, it’s called the Internet. Let’s change that to LESS distractions.

DISADVANTAGE: I’m on Mountain Time, so by the time I got up to start my day, NY was almost done with theirs, which meant my editor, agent, publicist, marketing team, audiobook producer, everyone was calling it a day. I felt like I was missing out and I would often get to emails late in the day that should have been answered sooner.

I have tried getting up early and writing BEFORE the world needs my attention.

ADVANTAGE: I got my […]

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Darynda Jones — How I Make My Characters Unfogettable


This’s kind of a trick title, because I’m not really certain how I make my characters unforgettable, I just know from reader feedback and comments that they are. Everyone wants to be Charley Davidson’s BFF, or they want a BFF like Cookie Kowalski. On the flip side, I usually have more than one to-die-for male character in my books just to keep it interesting, and the scrumptious Reyes Farrow fits the bill for most. Of course, I also have the sexy skip tracer Garrett Swopes and the humble and heroic Uncle Bob, not to mention the fan favorites, the bikers Donovan, Eric, and Michael who we will be seeing again in the future.

And as if that weren’t enough, coming in SIXTH GRAVE ON THE EDGE I have a splendid new treat for us girls in the form of a slave demon who escaped from hell and is […]

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Darynda Jones — The Writing Process of An OCD Plotter










Thanks so much for having me! I thought I’d talk about my writing process today because it’s a doozy. LOL. And I have learned NOT to mess with that process lest I bring the wrath of the gods of writer’s block down upon my head. Here is my step-by-step to creating a book. (Pantsers [aka, people who write by the seat of their pants] might want to skip this part. It could give you hives.)

Just for the record, I plot like there’s no tomorrow. I barely start a book without three distinct outlines.

The Skeleton Key: This answers four basic questions: Where are we? What time of day is it? What major event happens in this scene or series of scenes? And in what order does the story unfold? (I like this because it helps me quickly find where […]

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