Writing is a Solitary Business

Most people think that writing is what we do at the PC or laptop or with pad and pen. That we live inside our heads and only when actively pounding away at the keyboard or scritching madly on the pad. The writers among us know that is simply not true. Our minds get caught up in the lives of our characters and suddenly we are writing all the time—driving, eating supper, walking the dogs, paddling a particularly good river (okay that one is mostly just me,) and worst of all, while having a conversation that is important to our mates but not so much to us. Or maybe that one is just me, too?

I try not to get too personal here on MagicalWords.Net but I need to confess something. It’s supposed to be good for the soul, yes? When I’m writing I ignore the hubby. A lot. It’s not […]

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Creative Spark or Needs Therapy?

David talked on Monday about the creative process and how life, grief, location, joy, and dozens of other things affect the muse-flow. I’ve been gong through something similar (but with very different stimulus) and I thought I’d share exactly how the things I went through on Monday morning stimulated the creative process for me — the things that happened and the way they affected my weird brain. I hate to say it, but for it to make sense, I’ll have to give a travelogue of my touristy morning, but it doesn’t last long.

Once I got over my usual panic at trying to use a snorkel (which activates my hidden, challenged, oft-confronted, always defied, but always returning fears of drowning) I swam with the manatees. They came to us for play. Wild animals […]

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