THIEFTAKER T-Shirt Winner!!

Happy Saturday, all!

I have a swim meet to get to — both my daughters are in the pool today. But I wanted to stop by and announce the winner of the THIEFTAKER t-shirt giveaway that I included in Monday’s post.

[Drum roll]

And the winner is . . . . . . . . . Cindy!

Cindy, please go to the D.B. Jackson website and use the “Email” link on the home page to send me a message that includes your full name, your preferred t-shirt size, and your mailing address. And congratulations!

To the rest of you, this is NOT the last t-shirt giveaway I will be doing this summer . . .

David B. Coe

A Winner to Monday’s THIEFTAKER T-Shirt Contest

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the terrific response to my Monday post. I am grateful beyond words for all the pre-orders of Thieftaker. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy the book.

As for our t-shirt winner, chosen entirely at random, it is Gypsyharper! Gypsy, if you would email me (go to and use the email link) we will get the right sized t-shirt in the mail to you right away.

And again, thanks to all of you for entering!

Promotion Time and Publishing Wars

This week I’m taking a short break from the “Writing Your Book” series to post about something else. Originally, this was going to be a simple self-promotion post. I have a book coming out this week — the mass market paperback release of The Horsemen’s Gambit, book II in my Blood of the Southlands trilogy. The third and final volume in the series, The Dark-Eyes’ War, will be released in hardcover in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be publicizing that in a future post.

The hardcover/paperback progression is not uncommon in publishing, though it is becoming rarer in this economic climate (more and more books are coming out as paperback originals or as trade paperbacks — the larger format paperbacks often used for more mainstream literary releases). Here’s how the hardcover/paperback progression works. The hardcover edition of The Horsemen’s Gambit came out last year around this time (January ’09). […]

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First Winner Announced!!

Hi, all:

I don’t know about my MW colleagues, but I’m taking this week off from posting. I’ll be back next Monday to kick off 2010 with a new post, but in the meantime, I wanted to announce the winner of the first Magical Words book giveaway from last week. After a random drawing (actually my older daughter picking a number between 1 and 10…) we do in fact have a winner. And it is . . . .

[Drum roll. . . .]

. . . . Did every one get nice presents for Christmas? We had a kind of modest holiday this year, in keeping with the times. But I did get a new tripod for my camera. I can’t wait to get out and use it. But I digress. Our winner is . . . .

[Another drum roll. . . .]

. . . .We had […]

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MW Book Giveaway Week: the CE Murphy Version

This may be a bit of a catch-22 contest, as it presupposes you’ve read at least one of my books already. Still, it’s my contest and I’ll run it the way I want to, nyah. 🙂

The Prize: Your choice of either: 1. a signed copy of one of my novels, or 2. a PDF version of the Old Races novella “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, which is not available elsewhere, and a 2010 Ireland calendar with photography by yours truly (you can see it online here..

The Contest: I’d like to know what you, the readers, think various CE Murphy characters would get in their Christmas stockings. You can do as many or as few characters as you choose, but you have to suggest at least one to be entered in the contest, which will close the evening of Wednesday the 30th of December, since I won’t […]

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In Anticipation of Mass Market

I’m an odd duck, in terms of publishing. I happened to step into the publication realm just when bookstores were keening for trade paperback-sized novels (unlike now, when they’re keening for mass market due to the recession), and so my debut novel and in fact every single one since then under the CE Murphy byline has been a trade paperback.

This is a wonderful thing in many ways. It means a higher percentage of royalties on a higher-priced book. It means starting out in a format that for many authors is the midway point between mass market and hardcover. It means the books are physically larger and might perhaps more easily catch the eye.

It also means people who can’t afford to drop fifteen dollars on a book are not buying anything I write.

My agent and editor were both bemused by my genuine agitation to try to have the […]

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