Things That Help Me Write

Everyone has something that helps them get cranking on whatever writing projects they have going on. Some folks need music, others need to be in their local coffee shop. So I decided to make a list of the things that help me put words on the paper.

My Andrés Segovia Bach CD on repeat.

Soft rain outside my open window (especially on weekends when I can stay in my chair all day.)

A hot cup of coffee (or a cold glass of berry tea.)

Sudden ideas that pop into my head when I’m driving or showering. (Why haven’t I bought bath crayons to write these down on the shower wall?)

The peaceful silence of my house early on a weekend morning when I’m the only one awake.

The peaceful silence of my house late at night when everyone else is on their own computers.

A long car trip with nothing […]

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Since All The Cool Kids Are Doing It…

When I was a kid, slam books were all the rage. They were spiral-bound notebooks or three-ring binders. The first page was always a registration page, on which you signed your name next to the number you would use as your identifier throughout the book. On the subsequent pages, you’d find highly personal questions you were required to answer (What is your favorite ice cream? Would you rather marry David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman? What boy at this school do you want to kiss?) This is like that, except not on paper, and I won’t get in trouble in class for writing in the book instead of listening to the teacher.

I write best when the earbuds are in my ears. I can spill words like a broken dam spills water when I listen to Andres Segovia playing Bach. Beethoven is my other go-to guy. Not to say that I […]

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We have a winner!

It was a tricky contest, and there were a lot of close guesses, but at the last minute, someone read the hints and pulled it out. So put your hands together, people, for our winner…. Beatriz!

She correctly guessed that it was Faith, David, Catie and Misty. Beatriz, I’ll get in touch offlist to arrange for your fabulous prize (well, maybe not fabulous, but it’s a prize!)

Thanks for playing, everyone! We’ll be having another quiz soon, so keep watching this spot for more Friday Fun. And please drop by this Friday, April 4, to spend some time with our marvelous guest blogger, Joshua Palmatier! He’s the author of the Throne of Amenkor series, and he’ll be discussing how to create a religion for your fantasy world. Don’t miss it!

Friday Fun Time!

It’s Friday! Woo hoo! In honor of getting to the weekend relatively unscathed, we at Magical Words are challenging you, our readers.

The four hosts of Magical Words were asked the following question:

“You’ve gone to the local coffee shop to indulge yourself for an hour. What do you order?”

Their answers are:

A. A large chai tea latte, non fat, with a couple shots of raspberry. A low fat coffee cake, either blueberry or cinnamon. Or a cinnamon Danish if I’ve been virtuous all week. Man…That is just sooo girlie. I shoulda said a black coffee, and added that I topped it off with a shot of brandy from a flask in my tote. I’ve done that before too, in my wilder younger days.

B. Coffee makes me jittery, hyper. My hands shake under the best of conditions; give me coffee and I’m a total wreck. I’d get a […]

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