That Time Merit Was In A Band . . .

I’ve shared with a few readers that the first iteration of SOME GIRLS BITE was, well, regrettable. Merit, the earnest main character, was in a band with her friend, Mallory. Merit was insulted by a club’s demand the band, which had performed at the locale many times prior, audition for its new owner. Merit went to the manager’s office to complain about the inconvenience, and she was attacked by a vampire in a dark, back hallway.

I know. Awful, isn’t it?

The next draft of SOME GIRLS BITE had very little in common with the first one—primarily the sneaky vampire attack and the friendship between Mallory and Merit. It took another character coming to mind – Ethan Sullivan – before I knew who Merit really was. He provided a foil: fusty, imperious, gorgeous, and political to Merit’s earnestness, her desire to do good, her intelligence and stubbornness.


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Chloe Neill — To Plot or Not to Plot, That is the Pantsing

Hi All,

I’m about to begin writing my fourteenth novel, and my plotting style has evolved considerably over time, from plotting absolutely nothing and seeing where the world took me (SOME GIRLS BITE), to using an almost absurdly detailed outline (FIRESPELL), to using a plot board (BLOOD GAMES).

Today, I thought I’d share a little bit about how my process has evolved, and the plotting methods I’ve used to prepare for and draft my novels.

Plotting refers, as you’ve probably guessed, to creating an outline of some degree for a novel before writing it. “Pantsing” refers to the act of writing by the seat of one’s pants. No outline, no plan, no agenda but to fall into a story, create a conflict for a character, and pull her out of it again.

I wrote SOME GIRLS BITE, the first Chicagoland Vampires novel, as a pantster. It was […]

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Chloe Neill — Book Birthday!

Today we welcome, for the first time, Chloe Neill. She will be joining us all month, to answer questions, give advice, and share thoughts. Her book WILD THINGS is released today. Check it out! Hi Magical Words! I’m jumping right in here. There’s a knock at your door. A man stands on the stoop in a bad suit and shiny shoes, his expression halfway between irritation and boredom. You know why he’s here: he suspects you of murder. But you’re a supernatural, it was self-defense, and the system is stacked against you. You arrange a safe house, pack a bag, and load the car. That’s the situation Merit and Ethan, vampires of Chicago’s Cadogan House, find themselves in. The death of another Master vampire at Ethan’s hands was purely self-defense; Harold Monmonth showed up at the door of Cadogan House with a sword in hand and murder on his […]

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