Making Money Mondays – When it’s okay to work for free v. Dying of “Exposure”

It’s an adorable life cycle, kinda like that of a butterfly. A new writer is born, writhing around in their own personal primordial ooze, crawling through the muck of leaning to write, creating their own crap, wallowing the great quagmire of unpublished work, until one day, one shining, fateful day, they begin to break out of their chrysalis of obscurity and merge as a glorious monarch butterfly of a midlister, and everything is all rainbows and unicorns forever and ever, amen.

Yeah, right. You know better. If you didn’t know better, you would after about fifteen minutes poking around here. You know that the life of a professional, or semi-pro writer is hard, and the road is brought with peril. At every turn, there are “opportunities” that can do you more harm than good, and “friends” that are more exploitive than helpful.

I’ve talked before about anthologies, and how they […]

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In Anticipation of Mass Market

I’m an odd duck, in terms of publishing. I happened to step into the publication realm just when bookstores were keening for trade paperback-sized novels (unlike now, when they’re keening for mass market due to the recession), and so my debut novel and in fact every single one since then under the CE Murphy byline has been a trade paperback.

This is a wonderful thing in many ways. It means a higher percentage of royalties on a higher-priced book. It means starting out in a format that for many authors is the midway point between mass market and hardcover. It means the books are physically larger and might perhaps more easily catch the eye.

It also means people who can’t afford to drop fifteen dollars on a book are not buying anything I write.

My agent and editor were both bemused by my genuine agitation to try to have the […]

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