Literate Liquors Episode 16 – Double Trouble

Hey y’all! I’m back, and almost healthy! After back-to-back Chattanooga conventions, one Connooga and one for the day job, I ended up with a devastating case of con crud/bronchitis that laid me flat for a couple weeks. But I’m back on track now and this week I’m bringing you Part 1 of Bubba the Monster Hunter – Double Trouble, a short story in audio form where Bubba chases down a bank robber and learns that when you’re dealing with a doppleganger, nothing is as it seems! I hope y’all enjoy it, and I’ll be back next week with the rest of the story!

Double Trouble – Literate Liquors Episode 16

Ethics in Speculative Fiction

I spent this weekend at Mysticon, in Roanoke VA, where I learned a few things, taught a few other things, observed wacky behaviors and brilliant ones, too, and generally had a great time surrounded by my people. I rode up with Gail Martin and John Hartness. We drove through nearly impenetrable fog and snow-covered hills, chatting and laughing all the way. On Saturday morning, I joined John to read our work to an appreciative audience, and premiered Miniature Pirate Theater as accompaniment to the reading. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve watched tiny plastic pirates work a tiny plastic stripper pole while John reads from Bubba the Monster Hunter. Gail’s launch party for her latest, Ice Forged, was a raucous affair, full of happy people eating cake and buying books. I met a couple of writers who’ll probably be making guest appearances here later on this year, and got […]

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