Making Money Mondays – Ebook Box Sets & Loss Leaders

Hey there, gang, it’s time for another moment of honest truth and business talk from Uncle Johnny.

Yes, I will absolutely punch you in the nose if you ever call me Uncle Johnny. There are about five people in the world who call me “Johnny,” and if you’ve never done it, you’re not on the list, so don’t start.

Just needed to clear that up before anyone got injured. But anyway, I’m running a little late today because my dad had a doctor’s appointment and real life interfered. Sorry about that.

Today’s topic is pretty timely, given that Gail Z. Martin and I are working frantically toward the launch of our first ebook box set collaboration, and we’re almost as excited about it as we are terrified! The set is called Modern Magic, and it features some incredible books by some of today’s best Urban Fantasy writers. It will release […]

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I Survived My Blog Tour–What Now?

Last time, I wrote about why authors do blog tours (and why maybe you should, too). I was just about to kick off my annual Days of the Dead blog tour, which always runs the week leading up to Halloween.

So now I thought it might be useful to explain what the moving parts are that go into something like that and how it all really does work together toward my ultimate nefarious scheme to get more people to look for my books. (Who needs world domination? I want readers!)

I picked the date/theme for the tour because I write about necromancers and ghosts and magic and it seemed appropriate for a week that had Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, All Hallow’s Eve and Halloween all at once. (Branding–I do creepy/spooky stuff.)

In the months leading up to the blog tour, I laid the groundwork–contacting bloggers to see if I […]

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Not-So-Risky Business: Book Promotion on a Budget

When I meet new writers or writers looking to get published, I get asked often what advice I could impart; and pretty consistently, I disappoint because my advice is rarely on the craft. I usually go into the business side of books. Once upon a time, this was someone else’s job apparently. I’ve watched a lot of new authors stumble and fall — face first — in this respect, and watched seasoned, experienced writers stubbornly ignore this side of the publishing industry.

It’s a different world now, my fellow writers. It would be nice to think you can follow in the footsteps of Uncle George and enjoy a few years between books, but you can’t and you won’t. You’re measured by your last book. Not only in how it performs but when it came out. Back in the days of Butler, Asimov, Bradbury, and LeGuin the term R.O.I. never came […]

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Blog in Two Parts: Deadlines, and PR for Newbies

Yeah, I know. No correlation in subject matter. But, I’m going for it anyway.

Part One: Manic-Deadlines Update

In case you may have forgotten, I claimed manic-insanity in my last post. Since then I’ve gotten some sleep, thank God!) gotten some moments pain-free after my fall (I did tell you guys I’d been in pain?) and gotten most of the deadlines met. I found a publisher for the rest of the English-language rights publication of Cat Tales, negotiated that with Lucienne Diver (agent) launched Easy Pickings with Catie Murphy (in PDF only) from our websites with Paypal auto downloads. We are now ready to launch it from Kindle and Nook as a e-book. Cat Tales is out and is doing very well. {Squeeeee.}

My other NYC agent has sent out a manuscript and is awaiting replies. I’ve shopped hard and either made or bought my Christmas presents […]

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