Lara Morgan: Plot Wrangling and Highlighter Love . . .

One of the hardest things, for me, when writing a book is keeping the plot straight; by which I mean keeping track of it and making sure it makes sense. Which is probably why I always, and I mean always, wonder why I persist in writing series. And series with lots of characters with intersecting plot lines. The book I’ve got coming out now, Betrayal, is the second in my epic fantasy series, The Twins of Saranthium. It’s set in a world of deserts and jungles, and has a vast cast of characters, including ancient resurrected gods seeking to enslave an entire people, warring desert clans and serpent riders who have lost control of the beasts that once protected them. Plus of course the main characters, the twins, who must find a way to stop it all. It is also the middle book in the trilogy and gave me more […]

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Random Thoughts About the Market

First – Friday will be blog by Diana Pharaoh Francis . She has long been a writer (mostly epic fantasy) but this December she has a dark urban fantasy coming out. Very dark. Very urban. Not a vampire in sight. Totally new and original world. I was asked to blurb the book and got to read it. Let me tell you, it is killer! So watch for Diana’s blog on Friday, and we hope she’ll tell us all about making the switch to a new sub genre! Fingers crossed.

David was talking on Monday about the bad parts of today’s market. I am usually the *glass-half-empty* kind of person. Not that I don’t try to be positive, but our parents’ influence carries so much weight and my dad is not the most positive person in the world. In fact he’s pretty negative… Wait. Wrong blog. (slaps self) Back to David.


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