Character Development – Show Me – Jane and Beast — PART TWO

Yep, it’s Thursday! I’m baaaaaack!

And yes — Dark Heir is out and doing well. 🙂

If our main characters are to blossom, then they have to have a function and the weapons to accomplish the goal you, the writer, sets for them. Function: Jane is necessary to stem the vamp war with the European Vampires, a war she knows nothing of when the series starts. Weapons: She has the desire, developing skill sets and the family she is building to fight evil. When she realizes that her friends and godchildren are potentially threatened, she also has the desire to fight.

So if look at characterization from the standpoint of strengths and weaknesses, we can easily take a character—any character—and show them developing by simply letting the plot points challenge the character’s weaknesses.

Last week we looked at Jane Yellowrock’s traits, so this week let’s look at them again, […]

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Character Development – Show Me – Jane and Beast

Hey Everyone! Long Time No POST!

Back in (gasp) January 2009, I wrote about character development and how I created and developed Thorn St. Croix for the Rogue Mage series. (That was about the novels BloodRing, Seraphs, and Host ) But I can’t find where I ever did a post on how I created Jane and Beast in the Jane Yellowrock series. New book, DARK HEIR, coming out April 7th, By the way.

If you’ve ever heard me on a panel or teaching a seminar on character and character development, you’ve heard me say (probably ad nauseam) Your character has one great strength and one great weakness. The weakness makes the conflict worse, the strength and developing strengths saves the character and resolves the plot’s conflict. This is called the marriage of character development and conflict.


There are specific, identifiable parts to strength and weakness Characterization…. These are called […]

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New Site, POV Play

In keeping with David’s short and Misty’s joke, I have something for readers today too. But first I want to talk about (yeah-yeah, type, I know) all the new stuff about the Magical Words website.

First, you will see that we have a new format, two columns rather than three. This is so Google’s search engines can find us easier. (I have no idea what that means, but I trust the webmaster. J ) The new MW is easier to read, especially for those with smaller screens. It will be easier to search. The new hosting site is much more agreeable to helping us, and our readers, navigate.

Also, you may have noted that the book covers of the regulars are no longer on the front page. They will appear on our (soon to be updated) bio pages, and we will (of course) post the new books and anthologies on […]

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