On writing events and an Author Chat With Rachel Aaron and John Hartness

Hey everyone. As you’ve probably noticed, October has been a month full of events for me. I also have a book due in a couple days–talk about being busy. I apologize for not being around as much as normal.

Anyway, there are lots of great benefits for both readers and authors attending events. These benefits range from learning/sharing writing techniques, networking with authors and other publishing professionals, gushing over books, chatting with authors we love and who inspire us, and discovering new books (all of which apply both to attending professionals and to readers and pre-published writers–writers are readers first). We’ve discussed many of these benefits on Magical Words before, so I won’t rehash them again. All I can say is that while so many events in a row can be a little draining (especially for an introvert like me) it has been absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to […]

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Author video chat: ConCarolinas 2011

Hey everyone. Kalayna here, filling in for Misty while she frantically revises her MS.

Today I have what I hope you will consider a treat. If you’ve ever visited my home blog, you might have noticed I occasionally post short videos where I sit down and chat with authors. (I’d post them more often, but I typically can only record them at cons and festivals.) Well, as most of the gang here at Magical Words attended ConCarolinas, we decided to do a group author chat.

I hope you enjoy! (edited to add: Both links are the same video. Some people were having trouble hitting one, so I thought I’d create two options.)

Author Chat with Magical Words (youtube)

Author Chat with Magical Words (facebook)

[PS My publisher is giving away 15 copies of GRAVE DANCE, the second book in the Alex Craft series. The book won’t […]

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