Making Money Mondays — a Day Late and a Dollar Investment

Yes, I know it isn’t Monday, but Misty kindly announced the *Big News* yesterday and that gave me another day to put this together. That news? The e-anthology TRIALS, to be followed soon by TRIBULATIONS, went up for pre-order on Monday.

Making money means an investment — in time, creativity, sweat equity, and sometimes an outlay of money. To invest money in the book/e-book market, you have to have a clear goal(s) in mind, a plan for recouping the outlay, the ability to put it all together, and a way to advertise. You also need the right people (writers, editors, publisher, PR person). All this has been covered by others in previous *How to Anthology* posts, so I am avoiding going over well-trod ground. Instead, I want to tell a little about my decision making process for these anthologies — the answers to why I did all this.

The Rogue […]

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Making Money Mondays – When it’s okay to work for free v. Dying of “Exposure”

It’s an adorable life cycle, kinda like that of a butterfly. A new writer is born, writhing around in their own personal primordial ooze, crawling through the muck of leaning to write, creating their own crap, wallowing the great quagmire of unpublished work, until one day, one shining, fateful day, they begin to break out of their chrysalis of obscurity and merge as a glorious monarch butterfly of a midlister, and everything is all rainbows and unicorns forever and ever, amen.

Yeah, right. You know better. If you didn’t know better, you would after about fifteen minutes poking around here. You know that the life of a professional, or semi-pro writer is hard, and the road is brought with peril. At every turn, there are “opportunities” that can do you more harm than good, and “friends” that are more exploitive than helpful.

I’ve talked before about anthologies, and how they […]

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Making Money Mondays – Anthologies

Good Morning!

Okay, I’ll admit, I rarely see anything good about mornings. I firmly believe that morning exist only to keep night and afternoon from bumping into each other too much and getting muddled about. At this point in my writer’s journey I’ve firmly embraced my role as one of the “night people,” and as such, kinda hate mornings.

Except I get a lot done when the house is quiet. And I get a lot of kitty time.

Because the internet is for cats. And if it’s good enough for Scalzi, it’s good enough for me.

One of the things I talk about a lot at conventions and at writing groups is writing for anthologies. I participate in a fair number of anthologies each year. Not nearly as many as Gail, but my fair share. I also edit anthologies, and now, in my new role as Publisher of Falstaff […]

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Ah, Con!

Well, another successful ConCarolinas has come and gone. I’m a little sad this morning, since for the last three days I’ve been surrounded by a thousand of my closest friends, so it’s a little quiet around here now that we’ve all gone home. *laughs*

But one of the nice things about going to cons, either as a writing professional or as a fan, is all the great ideas you come home with. During breakfast Sunday morning, I was asked if I’d had any new projects come my way, and at that moment, I hadn’t. An hour later, I had. It can happen just that quickly. (Before you ask, the new project is still in its birth throes, so as soon as I have solid information to share, I promise I will. It’ll involve some of you, after all, so feel free to be excited!) One writer I talked to received […]

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So today I want to talk to you about deadlines. A deadline is the date an editor or publisher sets as the last possible moment an assignment is due in their hands. The deadline is usually decided based on the publication schedule, and there’s not often a lot of wiggle room. Writers who meet their deadlines (or turn in their work early) are an editor’s dream.

At the moment, I’m more of the nightmare variety.

I owe a certain editor (who is handsome and charming and delightful and the life of any party and gosh what else can I think of to flatter him with right this second) a story for an upcoming anthology. At this very second, I’m not the last person to turn in a story, and as soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going to work on finalizing my story so I can keep that […]

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Literate Liquors Episode 14 – Anthologies

For a change, John has a theme for his post, and it’s about anthologies, which often have a theme of their own. Huh, wonder if I planned that?

Nope, not a chance.

And because I reference it in the podcast, here is a picture of a cat in Bojangle’s chicken box.

Excerpt from “Fair Play” – my entry into The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

If you made it to ConCarolinas, you were there for The Book Launch That Wasn’t, also known as John Learns a Valuable Lesson About Scheduling Book Release Events Before Having Books In Hand. But that’s a story for another time. For today, here’s an excerpt from my story in The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil published last week by Dark Oak Press and co-edited by myself and the lovely and talented Emily Lavin Leverett. You might know her better as Pea_Fairie. The anthology features several MW’ers, including Emily, myself, James Tuck, Sarah Adams, Sara Taylor Woods, and a bunch of other awesome folk. The e-book is available for Nook and Kindle for only $2.99, and I have paperbacks and hardbacks in hand for this weekend’s HeroesCon in downtown Charlotte.

Warning – here there be language. This is a horror anthology, and there are some things in there that […]

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