Surprise Sale

I am a little late on this announcement today, but my book, Path of Fate, is on sale today on all e-platforms for a mere $1.99. It’s traditional fantasy with a touch of romance, war, wizards, friendships, and sentient animals. Check it out on my website and if you like it, click through to buy it.

Thanks for letting me share!

And the description:

Orphaned by her mother and passed from family to family in the village of Kallas in the land of Kodu Riik, Reisil feels as if she will never truly belong. But her training as a tark, or healer, offers her the promise of acceptance by the townsfolk, and as her talents emerge, it appears she will finally be able to hold her head high. But fate has another path in store: A goshawk named Saljane swoops into her life, and Reisil discovers that she is able […]

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