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Go to this link or wherever you get podcasts to hear me and AJ Hartley talk about writing, drinking, successes, failures, drinking, and more. Part 1 of the Dragon Con episodes!

On promotion: Events

Continuing my series on promotion, today I’ll talk about events. Here at magical words we’ve covered a lot of information on conferences and conventions, so I’ll skip those and focus primarily on bookstore events.

When a writer has a new book out (such as David and I do this week), they try to schedule as many events as possible in the weeks following a release, but unless the writer is a mega best seller, she/he is on their own in financing their ‘tour’. Writers rarely can afford to make multi-city stops, and honestly, the returns on such a tour are can be rather discouraging. For instance, selling 10-20 copies is often considered a successful bookstore event. The average writer makes 6-8% royalties on each book sold. Let’s take the high side of that and multiply the cost of a book by twenty and then calculate 8% of that total. Got […]

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Writing Violence

Last week, A. J. wrote a post on action scenes, and the ensuing comments-conversation got me thinking about the nature of violence (and an essential book on the subject). Oftentimes we use violence in our stories as a method of creating action, excitement, intensity, and thrills. We will use it to forward plots or solve plot holes. The big chase, the final confrontation between hero and villain, the surprise death at the end of the epic battle are all examples that pop-up in many of our favorite novels. It’s even been suggested here at MW that one way to aid a troubled plot is to kill a character. We also use violence to evoke sympathy. My old theater professor used to say that making an audience cry was easy — just take a couple kids out on stage and beat them. This is because we can empathize with pain.

There […]

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Resolutions (Boooring…?) Maybe Not.

AJ started it, (sounds like a kid to his mom, yes?) and David took it up. So I’m jumping on AJ’s bandwagon and playing trombone about New Year’s resolutions, dreams, and hopes.

I think January is a great month to start a book, or diet, or an exercise program, or any other dream we may have. It’s a time of change, the time of seasons revolving, the after-holiday-down-time and the pre-spring-cleaning-start-up-time. It’s the tweens, the betwixt and between of the years. Not that spring or fall or any other time of year isn’t good for starting some new project (book, short story, poem, relationship, habit?) or pulling out something old to try again, like that novel in the box under the bed or in the file named “Dreams,” on your laptop. The New Year simply has that cultural ring for us that says, start now. Start new.


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