Publishing — A Self-Publishing Adventure Part 5

As promised, I am going to give an update on my self-publishing experience with the short story collection, 10 Bits of My Brain.

It’s been about two months and I’ve sold…drum roll, please……….around 40 copies.

Now, whether or not you see that as good or bad has a lot to do with where you are in your publishing career and what your hopes/expectations for indie-publishing are. So, let’s begin with expectations.

Many self-published authors get it in their heads that they are going to be the next Amanda Hocking. After all, everybody is making a killing selling ebooks, right? No. Obviously, not. And, frankly, my numbers are quite above average because I came into this with a small, built-in audience (that would be you guys). See, despite all the massive changes happening in publishing, nothing much has really changed in terms of the odds of getting a bestseller. Amanda Hocking […]

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Writing — Write Even Faster

Awhile back, AJ wrote an excellent post on writing fast. I’m here today to tell you, you’ve got to write even faster.

For some lucky few, this will never apply. They’ll hit it big from the start, put out one book a year, and just watch the money roll in. But for the majority of us, we have to produce a lot each year in order to keep up with demand and make some decent money.

Let’s look at demand. I’m an avid reader. I can get through 3-4 books a month. Some of you will far outshine that small number, I’m sure. But let’s say the average reader only reads one book a month (note I wrote average reader not person). Heck, let’s make it worse and say one book every two months. So, this poor fellow only reads six books a year.

Now, at my absolute fastest writing […]

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Publishing — Birthday, Book Release, Self-Publishing Adventure Part 4

Any of you who have been reading this blog during the last few weeks knows that today is a big day for me (thank to Faith for letting me use her normal post spot this week). For one, it’s my birthday. Not just any birthday, either. This is one of the big ones. Four-Oh. Yup, I’m hitting 40 today and while I can’t afford a Porshe for a proper mid-life crisis (well, I’m really not a car guy, anyway, so that would be wasted on me), I figured I should do something to re-affirm that I still have life left in me. Which, as I’m a writer, quite naturally means publishing something. Since I also had planned to release 10 Bits of My Brain around this same time, the two seemed to call out for each other.

Which brings us to the other big part of today. Yes, my short-story […]

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Publishing — A Self-Publishing Adventure Part 3

Well, release day is just around the corner (June 29th), and today, we’re talking about covers.

Covers are, of course, a subject of huge excitement and fear — especially if you decide to do it yourself, which is something you should never do, and I’m doing it. Why? Oh, why? Oh, why on Earth would I choose to do it myself? Well, here’s an interesting aspect of self-publishing — you have to think like a business person — twice.

The first time is like any self-employed writer — and if you’re ever considering quitting your day job (which you shouldn’t), you should know that you will have to think like a self-employed business person because that’s what you will become. A writer is, essentially, a content provider for publishers. The business contact we have is mostly business-to-business. But we also have to deal with promotions and some sales, albeit in […]

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Publishing — A Self-Publishing Adventure Part 2

A little over a decade ago, my in-laws decided to have a new house built. They worked with an architect and contractors and everybody else required, and over many months, they succeeded. It’s a lovely, unique place that they enjoy to this day. But getting there wasn’t so easy. It required passion, hard work, and oftentimes a change in mindset. The biggest mindset change that occurred, the one that made the whole experience difficult and challenging, was that suddenly they cared.

For example, they were asked what hardware they wanted on the doors — what type of doorknob. My mother-in-law’s response — I don’t care. Just put a doorknob on.

Okay, said the contractor, we’ll go with Brand X.

My mother-in-law looks at Brand X and discovers that suddenly, she cares. Suddenly, it does matter, and suddenly, every single little tiny detail is her responsibility.

So it is with self-publishing. […]

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Publishing — A Self-Publishing Adventure Part 1

Last weekend I was in Florida and had the joy of eating dinner with my cousin, Joel Goldman. Joel is a successful mid-list author in the mystery/thriller genre. Funny thing, though. His publisher is getting less and less interested in furthering his career. It’s happening to a lot of mid-list writers lately. So, as his old books go out of print, he’s snatching back his rights and will be releasing them as self-published ebooks over the coming months.

For decades, the phrase Self-Publishing was a dirty, ugly word used by those who couldn’t get published in even the smallest of presses. Nobody in the industry would touch those works except on the very rare occasion that said work began selling enormously. But the publishing world is changing lightning fast (which is terrifying to an industry known for its glacial pace). And the last 20 months has changed things dramatically.



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