We have a winner!


It was a hard fight, and we had some amazing entries.  You guys are great!  Alas, there could be only one winner.  We employed the age-old, highly respectable method favored by kings and generals for centuries….we put all the names in the hat and had a completely unbiased child draw one out.  And the winner is…

Melissa, whose entry began “Supernatural creatures are like potato chips.”

Congratulations, Melissa!  I’ve dropped you an email so you can send me your mailing address, and we’ll get your hat out to you.

I’m sorry we couldn’t give you all a prize, but don’t despair – more contests are in the works.  Thanks for playing, and keep reading!


3 comments to We have a winner!

  • Sweet! Congrats! Glad someone other than me got it. All I wanted to do was wax poetic about Kim’s tomatoes…err…the ones in her books, I mean. 😉

    I keep telling my wife that if I was a human in those books I would just go buy mine from the Amish. If anyone survived the tomato holocaust and had unaltered tomatoes it was them.

  • I wanted to thank you all for running the contest! I am totally psyched about winning! Ok, “insanely gleeful” is probably more accurate… And I think that unbiased child deserves a hug and some ice cream!

  • Kim

    Yay, Melissa! I’m so happy you won it!
    –Kim VV