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Todd Massey here with another free writing download for our readers. For those that don’t know me, I am the webmaster for Magical Words and work behind the scenes the majority of the time.

I have put my sunglasses so that I could step out of my dark cave to talk a little bit about an elusive big piece of the puzzle in the potential success of your book. The age old question…

How Do I Market My Book?

Marketing is an extremely broad subject but if you want to be a successful writer you have to do more than write a good book and hop the minefield of getting it published. You must also become a marketer. Even if you are not yet published there is no reason not to begin laying the groundwork for a massive marketing campaign, launched and run by you.

One of the most powerful marketing tools at your fingertips these days are social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and thousands of other social sites and tools that you have never heard of or thought about as a marketing tool.

The one social site we are going to focus on today is Facebook because of the incredible reach it has.  In terms of sheer numbers of people using it, Facebook has the ability to narrow your book marketing down to a specific group or niche. Plus it’s free!

This type of marketing is called, “Niche Marketing”, and is an excellent way for any person with little to no marketing skills to reach an audience. Let me give you an example of niche marketing as related to books.

You are more familiar with the terms genre and sub-genre in talking about books.  This is exactly what niche marketing is all about: targeting sub-genre markets.

Books are a product that millions of people are interested in.

Fantasy books are a more select market but still very broadly based.

Urban fantasy is a good strong niche.

Urban fantasy only about vampires is a smaller niche market with a dedicated following.

Urban fantasy vampire romance has a rabid fan base.

And so on.

Facebook is a social venue that allows you to specifically target broad markets such as  fantasy readers and even smaller niche markets.

If you are already on Facebook, you need to be thinking right now about how to expand your market to the people that will potentially be interested in reading your book.

If you are not on Facebook, you need to learn how to take the steps to properly set up your Facebook fan pages to help guarantee that you sell more books with less work.

Think about it.  You can spend  500 dollars to travel across the country to a single convention and spend the entire weekend talking to 50 people.  Or  you can sit at home and make a single post to your Facebook page. Suddenly, thousands of people directly interested in reading your book get the message that they can go buy your book. Some of those thousands of people will then let thousands of other people know, and you did it all for free.

Here is the free writing download – a Facebook workbook (pdf format) to setting up and marketing through Facebook along with a checklist (pdf format) to make sure you have accomplished all the steps.

If you are trying to get published, in the process of getting published or already published you cannot afford to ignore this powerful method of social marketing your book.

Despite the fact that you live and work most of your writing days and time in a creative state,  remember that you are running a business.  You must treat it like one if you wish to be even mildly successful. Few people can get a publishing contract and almost nobody has success simply fall into their lap.

Here are the links again to help you with your book marketing on Facebook.

Facebook Workbook

Facebook checklist


10 comments to Powerful Free Book Marketing

  • Cool. I’ll give these a look. I’ve been considering setting up a writing focused Facebook account to supplement my writing site.

  • Young_Writer

    Thank you, this will help later on. This is a little off topic, but thanks for making this site so easy to read and navigate. Half of the other writing websites I go to have a million links that lead no where.

  • admin

    @Daniel R Davis

    Hi, I know you have been a long time commenter here so I hope you find this valuable. Social marketing is an incredibly efficient way to reach niche markets that are interested in what you are selling.

    People think marketing is a dirty word because suddenly you become “The Man” when you start promoting your work but all of us produce our art to be seen by as wide an audience as possible. Online social marketing makes this task easier.

  • admin

    @ Young Writer
    Thanks for the informative comment. We have attempted to keep the site clean but with a magazine feel yet essentially free of advertising. This site, since inception, has been supported entirely out of pocket by the writers that you see regularly contributing.

  • Very useful stuff, Todd. Thanks so much for posting.

  • This is very helpful information. I’ve been trying to focus on finishing my novel before working on marketing, but everyone keeps pushing for platform, platform, platform. I already have a blog, do I really need to create a Facebook page yet, or wait until I actually sell my novel?

  • admin

    There is no advantage to waiting. There is an advantage to building friends and relations on social networks now.

    Don’t let the marketing get in the way of your creative writing but use the time after you are done writing to bolster and to build your marketing.

    If you downloaded the workbook material and looked at it the first thing you will notice is to plan. So you simply want to sit back a few days and plan what pages you want to build.

    Spend some time looking at other authors and their pages. What do you like, dislike? What curious bits do you like to run across when you visit authors pages or websites?

    Do you like to find expanded worldbuilding or personal stuff about the author? Maybe different kinds of art work related to the stories are displayed. Some authors offer short stories related to their books.

  • Alex Pendergrass

    Great advice but I must say I’m kind of shocked if anyone needed to hear it. Maybe it’s because I’m so young, but the value of Facebook & Twitter, social networking in general, is so evident to me that I can’t fathom any creative professional not already using some form of social media to their advantage. It’s simply illogical.

  • admin

    There are easily a lot of reasons people don’t pursue social media as a marketing venue.

    They may use social media, to be social, but don’t perceive the marketing power or value.

    The simple idea of promoting yourself can be difficult psychologically.

    Often, writers are solitary creatures and being social means attracting attention. Not something most people or writers find easy to do.

  • Unicorn

    Sorry, Alex, but here is one writer that really does need to be reminded of this marketing tool. And a natural inclination to shyness, and to withdraw into my own world, has prevented me from ever even visiting Facebook. Oh well, I’ll screw up my courage and see what I can do. Thanks for the post, Todd.