New Happenings Here at Magical Words!


Hi all,

Happy Friday.  We at Magical Words have some wonderful news that we would like to share with you.  As you know, we have used our Friday posts to bring you special guests, and we will continue to this.  But beginning in November we will have two regular Friday posters.

A.J. Hartley, who covered for Faith this past Wednesday, will be blogging the first Friday of every month.  A.J. is the bestselling author of several thrillers, including The Mask of Atreus and On the Fifth Day, and a pair of fantasies (Act of Will, Will Power).  He is also a Shakespearean scholar at UNC Charlotte.  Not only is he brilliant, funny, and charming, he also was born in Britain and so speaks with a wonderful accent that makes him sound even more brilliant, funny, and charming than he actually is.

Stuart Jaffe, who has posted here before as a special guest, will be blogging the third Friday of each month.  Stuart has sold more than a dozen short stories to numerous print and electronic magazines and anthologies.  With his wife, Glory, he is also the host of The Eclectic Review, a weekly podcast that brings together the newest trends in science and science fiction.  He, too, is a great guy, and geneticists are looking into the possibility that he and David are, in fact, twins separated at birth.

Together, A.J. and Stuart will bring fresh perspectives to our continuing discussions of the craft and business and writing.  We will all benefit from their wit, their wisdom, and their insights.  Please join us in welcoming them to Magical Words.

— Faith, Misty, Catie, and David


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