Movie time!


We don’t have a guest for you all today, but our dear friend and guest Gail Martin shared her videoblogs of RavenCon and ConCarolinas, so I thought you might enjoy seeing them as well. Have a great weekend!

Day One of ConCarolinas
Day Two of ConCarolinas


3 comments to Movie time!

  • You all didn’t have enough screen time! I’ve still gotta use my counterfeit voices for you, except I think Misty, yours was already pretty close. 😉

    I can see why they wouldn’t want to give David much screen time though, since he was just an autographed copy and not the real David. 😉

    You guys should look up Origins or MarCon in Columbus, Ohio. I’d drag my butt back to one of those again to come meet you. There or Indiana is about as far as our income will let us travel at the moment to go to Cons. 🙂

  • *laughs* I have other voices I use frequently – the grownup-at-work voice (which was declared supersexy by Robert Aldridge on Sunday morning of ConCarolinas), the pirate voice, a somewhat English accent, and the bellydance voice, a generally Eastern European accent. Sometimes I forget and mix them up – wacky fun!

    Faith and I were planning to appear at Marcon a couple of years ago, but Faith had something come up and I wasn’t comfy making the long drive by myself. David is way tougher than me in that respect – I think he drove nine hours to come to ConCarolinas. But maybe someday!

  • Just a mention. I know there’s some bird folks on here and I wanted to show off a pic I took of a guest we’ve had hanging out in a bush near our back porch.

    Our daughter got to see the two that hatched leaving the nest. It was a cardinal nest. Note the crest.