Friday Fun – Kim Harrison Giveaway!!


A bit of news for the local readers – Faith Hunter’s alter ego, mystery novelist Gwen Hunter, will be signing her latest release,
Rapid Descent, and chatting with fans tonight, Friday, February 13, at the Carolina Place Barnes and Noble, in Pineville NC, from 7pm until 8 pm. Hope we see you there!

Okay folks, we’ve got a pretty nifty announcement. Our friend Kim Harrison has a novel coming out on Tuesday, February 24, White Witch, Black Curse! In honor of the release, one lucky Magical Words reader will win a fabulous prize: the last of its kind tour hat from The Outlaw Demon Wails tour!! Only eight were made, and seven were given to special helpers of the tour. There is one hat left, and it can be yours!

All you have to do is comment here, in no more than 100 words, telling us why your favorite supernatural creature makes yours eyes sparkle. Love vampires? Dream of petting a werewolf? Or does some other creature make your head swivel around? We want to know about it. The contest closes next Friday, February 20, when we’ll draw a name from all the entrants, and declare a winner. Don’t delay – time’s a’ticking!


63 comments to Friday Fun – Kim Harrison Giveaway!!

  • Heather

    I’d love to be a different were animal like a were bear or leopard. The bonuses of never getting sick would be oh so nice. Plus, how nice would it be to just let yourself run free for an evening. 🙂

  • I just picked up the hat from Miz Kim and it is beautiful: Black cloth and gold embroidered, still folded and in its original plastic wrapping. Never been touched. Thank you Miz Kim!!!!
    The Guy in the Leather Jacket promised me a picture of the hat soon! Watch for it!

  • Gail

    As far back as I remember, (Ok that’s like grade school) I was interested in witches. I thought it would be so cool to be able to do magic. Maybe the Kim Novak movie, Bell Book and Candle has something to do with it. I was just a little kid when it came out and I remember watching it on television, not to mention Bewitched! I think anyone who watched that show tried to twitch their noses like Samantha. Years later I’m still reading about witches and imagining what I would do:-)

  • Amanda W.

    Werewolves, because of that freedom to indulge in our wild sides and to run under the moon…awesome.

  • Brenna Gilmore

    What creature can make things go bump in the night,
    warp memories,and can still pull off the leather look?
    A demon. Demons would have the mystical appeal of vampires but more dangerous and unpredictable.
    Hence the romance. Demons could choose to do whatever it is that tickles their fancy. Turn into a vampire, become a were-tiger, pretend to be your mom and guilt trip you for never calling. It could also be your best dream, to your worst nightmare.
    Then again, not everyone likes to flirt with death.

  • Amanda Siecinski

    Vampires are such amazing creatures. They exude sexual desire, drawing everyone’s attention to them. Of course, the undead vamps have all the drawbacks, but the living vamps have the perks of both the living and the vampires. They’re stronger, faster, deadlier than any other creature (excepting maybe demons). And the only drawback? Well, that strong desire for blood, of course. And maybe the fact that when you die you’ll lose your soul.

  • The red, sweet flesh. Wet, liquid, sliding down my throat. Skin resilient, but yielding to my white, white teeth. The taste of it making me salivate and become desirous of another taste, and another. Nurtured by the bright relentless sun, it waits for me, mischievously, calling to me with thoughts of death. Oh wait, the tomato isn’t supernatural…I got nothin’ then.

    Pixies, because being attacked by an army of sewing machines would be damn painful. 😉

  • kieryn knapp

    I think the best creature is a fairy. They can fly, they look pretty, they sit on ‘shrooms, and can pull off wearing skimpy little clothes. And they have cool wings.

  • Amy

    My favourite creature crawls in the night- vampires. Yes, I am an absolute fang- banger (I even made a shirt saying so-lol) because in every story, vampires are the ones with that mystic touch and which other creature can be so charming, hot and unbelievably sensual? (thousands of years to practice makes perfect) and so I think that vampires are not only incredibly strong and beautiful, no, they now almost everything (because they survived it) and they have clearly the better sex ;P Love Kim’s Kisten, still crying and wailing. I wear the ribbon at every release date (and this one especially!)

  • Amy

    My favourite creature crawls in the night- vampires. Yes, I am an absolute fang- banger (I even made a shirt saying so-lol) because in every story, vampires are the ones with that mystic touch and which other creature can be so charming, hot and unbelievably sensual? (thousands of years to practice makes perfect) and so I think that vampires are not only incredibly strong and beautiful, no, they know almost everything (because they survived it) and they have clearly the better sex ;P Love Kim’s Kisten, still crying and wailing. I wear the ribbon at every release date (and this one especially!), love Jeaniene Frost’s Bones and every other hot, witty and sexy vamp in history!

  • Sharon K

    Mysterious, mystical, long lived, slender, pointy-eared, and all together good looking. And genuinely happy, unless you’re Trent. Elves are legit.

  • Jessica

    My favorite creature…hmm…vampire! Yeah, I’m a vampire girl, what can I say? Although, werewolves are pretty badass too. But I do love the pixies. PIXIES, not fairies since they are really a pain in the you know what, just ask Jenks! But vampires have been my number 1 since the 7th grade and I must remain loyal to them.

  • Supernatural creatures are like potato chips… You can’t stop at just one! Well, I’ve always been fond of fairies. But if I had to pick just one, that most special, precious one… I’d have to go with dragons. Dangerously alluring, glittering flame and iridescent scales – Beauty AND the Beast in one bright package. Yep, dragons.

  • Sarah S.

    I’m half Native American, and a practicing Earth Witch. I grew up hearing stories of the Skinwalkers who protected our tribes in times of war and famine. I think that I’d like to have the abilities a Skinwalker has. Longer life span, immunity to disease, ability to heal, and to know that my strengths would be an asset to protecting the community in which I lived.

  • Shandi

    My favorite creatures would have to be any sort of were animal. Although I do have a special place in my heart for a certain submissive were leopard.

  • ~FITLD~

    Well.. Since Demon is already Taken… and such a well done job of it.. I’d have to say Incubus.. Not Quite as powerful As a Demon, but I Daresay no less Evil.. However Much more Tastily Tantalizing, Secretive, Seductive and Deliciously Dangerous.. also likely to eat your soul while you sleep. The Handsome Counterpart to the Succubus i’m sure the Female Population can attest that the Syren-like Nature is deceptive in its charming display. Also I Don’t mind having Women going weak-in-the-knees with a playful wink 😉

  • By far, I adore Faeries. They are so close to human by nature, but consider themselves other. Their lack of emotional understanding and need for love makes them a paradox with movement. Not to mention, that if you know enough of the old tales, you see hints of what could only be vampires and shapeshifters. So the fay, by far, are my favorites.

  • Kristina

    I wouldn’t be able to choose just one supernatural creature, I devour each and every one of them. Be that the smooth Vampire that goes bump in the night and drinks a woman’s blood till his eternal thirst is clenched for the evening, the roughness in the Wereanimal that howls at the moon and runs through the fields with pure, unadulterated joy, or the tricky nature of the man of Faerie who lures innocents into the Seelie court. They all bring out different yearnings in me; why force myself to choose when I can have the best of them all?

  • When it comes to the supernatural, I prefer it with a dash of realism. Thus the creature to first capture my fancy, spark my imagination, and shape my writing is one said to have attacked Holy Trinity Church in England in 1577.

    Black Shuck, Old Shuck, Guytrash, Barghest. He is the devil dog of the marsh, the silent padfoot of lonely midnight roads, and the cursed spectre of Baskerville Hall. The Black Dog.

  • I love Selkies, half human/half seal. They’re playful but have a tendency to pull pranks on humans. When I first heard the Irish/Scottish Legends as a kid I wanted to be a selkie soo badly, but it wasn’t to be. So instead I’ve written a YA novel about them, one way to live my dream I guess.

  • My favorite under appreciated creature of the night would be the Succubus/Inccubus. The thought of a creature that has to sleep with people in order to survive is so intriguing for me. I have a book bouncing around in the Great Mixer that is my head about this conflict. There are so many ways a story such as that can go.

  • Chad

    Whether it be from curse or birth, it is the loneliness of the werewolf that has always pulled my heart strings. Never being able to run in packs for fear of being discovered, the uncontrolable turn or the feeling of lose for not being able to be what you are except on nights the full moons.

  • The Fae. The word summons up so many impressions, so many images, and if you’re not careful, a dangerous creature, or two. There is no other supernatural as charming, mischievous, beautiful, noble, dangerous and mercurial as the Fair Folk. Whether it’s the pixie-like, jealous Tinkerbell, or the terrifying Sidhe queen, Andias, they all have an almost sparkling allure, and a surety in their own power. Beyond all else, the fae are allowed to be what they are. Unlike the Vampire or the Werewolf, they don’t let humankind’s impressions shape their form or habits. The Fae are thus, most truly free.

  • Judy

    As kids we grew up with the “Loup-garou” instead of the “boogie-man” as the creature that goes bump in the night! Comes from having a French-Canadian father!

    So I guess werewolves were one of my first real supernatural creature to associate with!


  • Jerica

    V A M P I R E ! Blood Sucker! That would be my pick. Nearly invincible, seductive, very powerful, oozing sexual appeal, erotic, reliable animal instincts, irresistible (should I say more?), enchanting, alluring, glamorous, self-assured confidence, secretive, and limited weakness(blood, sun, -NOT MUCH) WELL that is my idea of being a Vampire:-)

  • Lindsay Wood

    Leprechauns! Not really, I just feel that the wee folk are getting ignored in this contest! I love all supernatural characters! The real contest should be:
    What would win? Zombies or Vampires?
    Vampires would! Were-animals and Fey folk wouldn’t stand a chance! Go Vamps!

  • I like witches – they reminds everyone of the magic they have within themselves and encourage everyone to harness that magic.

  • I’m enamored with the Moss people. Their silent, slow steps when your back’s turned. Their instant camoflage, no matter how quickly you spin around, trying to catch sight of them!

  • Ann

    The each uisge (water horse) would be the beast to make my heart flutter. I believe we actually had one named King. He was beautiful, dark, mentally unstable and frequently tried to add human to his menu. His favorite hobby was trying to scare his rider to death as he broke the sound barrier galloping out of control through field and forest. He has since returned to the Realm from whence he came, but he will always be fondly remembered with a smile…and a shudder.

  • Kenny G

    I love witches.I just love Rachael Morgan and hope to go the hollows and visit Her and Ivy one day.

  • becca

    wow great question..what supe would i be….errmmm well that depends when you ask that,but i think it would some sort of were-leopard/panther/jaguar/ lynx some kind of were-big cat….would be nice to let my wild side have an outlet,just the stalking beauty makes your breath catch.would love to pad on all fours through the wood/mountains the sights the scents wow,and i think they would totaly kick vampy a$$!!!!!!!
    love the hollows!!kim rules!!!

  • Vampyre

    I’ve always(as you can tell by my nickname) been a fan of vampires. I don’t think I’d ever really want to be one though.

    I’d like to be a shape shifter like Sam Merlotte. He can be almost any animal he wants9prefers a dog) and his changes don”t hurt like most Were’s do.



  • Janea

    I’ve always loved the supernatural. It’s really hard to pick just one, but I’d have to go with Vamps. There’s just something about them 🙂

  • Denise

    My favorite paranormal critter (Algiarept would love that) is the demon. Vastly misunderstood and fun to be around and always doing the unexpected. Can’t wait the read the next book to see what Al is up to next!

  • Krystal

    Thanks to Kim, my new favorite creature is the Pixy. How could you not fall in love with Jenks and the gang? He always makes me laugh with his commentary. He is so endearing with his loyalty and courage. If all pixy’s are like Jenks, who wouldn’t want to befriend these tough, jovial species?

  • Robert H

    It’s really a tough choice for me, I’d have to say vampires are my favorite supernatural beings. The darkness, the desire, the hunger… It’s so amazing to see different author’s way of seeing them- describing them with words that paint the perfect pictures.

  • Alexis

    I would LOVE to be a vampire! If for nothing else, just to be able to mess with peoples minds.. The super strength, sexual attraction and all that are also pluses, but I think screwin with their minds would be so much more…. entertaining.

  • Chris Ludwig

    Pixy, cause of the sneakiness they can do all the way to only needing one of them holding off a church full of inderlanders! I never gave Pixies much thought before her books, but Kim, you’ve made me think twice about them. It is sad to see them go after 20 years, but the beauty and grace, along with Jenk’s drunken stupors… Brings them into the lime light that puts other inderlands in second. She caught me with the eyes when Kim made Jenks big enough to rescue his son, from crap for brains.

  • Mark D

    The great majesty of the mighty Wyrm, the dragons are who I most admire from the creatures of Legend. They are the pinnacle of the fantastical creature hierarchy, with no other creature or being really matching them for their power and wisdom. Primarily a being of solitude they only come together when necessity dictates, the peace and quiet that this offers would be perfect. Dragons are both physically and magically powerful and none can stand directly against them.
    So in conclusion a dragon is the one creature I would wish to meet and be.

  • Gena S

    I guess I’d have to say it’s vampires, although, I find the demons in Kim’s books interesting.

    Vampires seem to have it all…..power, sexuality, eternal youth, magic and when you add that to the ability to survive without actually having to kill someone like the new novels seem to do, how can you beat that? Though having people misunderstand you and try to stake you through the heart might put a damper on the situation 🙂

  • I’ll have to go with a Mer creature of some sort. Mostly because I find the world beneath the waves endlessly fascinating, and the Mer have a very charming, romantic quality to them in the myths of yore.

  • Robin

    I’m going to have to go with Witch. For a long time it was vampire until I started reading Kim’s Hollows books. Longer life span, but no so long you lose everyone you care about. Doing magic would be awesome, especially if you were as talented as Ms. Morgan. I would be alot more suited to there sleep/wake schedule too!

  • David Imgrund

    I like vampires because there are so many mythos about them where they are not all bad and not all doomed. In many they have all the love, beauty, power and sensuality, but also have their souls.

  • I have always loved the fae, but since reading Kim’s series about “The Hollows” I am completed enamoured by the Pixies. Jenks, Jax, the whole bunch and their ways.
    I dig that they claim their own territory and grow beautiful gardens. I thinks it’s cool that they wear the red bandana on their head to show they’re not invading another territory.
    I love how they can sneak about and handle security technology so well.
    I think it’s funny when they pix someone, especially when it’s well deserved.
    Makes me sound evil, but I swear it would all be in fun.
    I really like the way Kim has shown that the Pixies have a strong set of values and honor. And that is what I like most about them.
    In my second life, I AM a pixie!

  • Greg Smith

    I would love to get the hat to add to my collection thanks

  • catdude2003

    perhaps a banshee, elder to all the races. Much feared and truely underestemated. From “the goblin reservation” to “the hollows series” a melecholy I can understand, you don’t have to live in those realities io identify with them.

  • Candi

    I would love to be a Living Vampire maybe it is because I am a night owl anyways. The night’s song just always been so quiet and soothing to my soul. The whole immortality thing with the youth is nothing to sneeze at either. The speed and strength hey that is an extra that will come in handy when trying to avoid certain people who would be after me. Or rather me after them just for fun though. 🙂

  • pamh

    Werewolf. Moon slapped madness. Being able to run with the wind and follow any scent into the night would be the pinnacle of my existence. Some Native Americans see the wolf as a protector of humans not the destroyer.
    A really hairy protector but fierce. Yep, my vote is with the weres.

  • Dawn

    I would have to choose witches. Although I have a deep and abiding love for vampires, witches would win out. I think it’s the rituals and the invoking spells/curses that draws me in. Also, the closeness to nature is a big draw, knowing all the plants (common as well as rare) and what they can cause is an enticement.. I also think that the witches have to always be conscious of the fact that some spells are on the edge of being not-so-nice and there could be repercussions.

  • Ever since first reading Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” when I was about 10 years old, I’ve been really fascinated by the idea of vampires. They used to just plain scare me when I was a little kid, but after practically inhaling that book, I couldn’t get enough of them. The super-strenght, the irresistible looks, the cool extra-special powers – only them sleeping in a coffin bummed me out a little (graveyards give me the creeps ^^)!
    Then I stumbled across Kim Harrison’s “Hollows”-series and there I enjoyed a whole new kind of vampires – even better ones: the division into living and dead, the speed, the strenght, the looks – everything was there, BUT: they don’t sleep in coffins! hah, i found the perfect vampire! and I would give everything to be like them – the losing-your-soul-after-you-die-for-the-first-time-bit apart, they are exactly the way I would’ve imagined them to be!

  • Bridget

    I LOVE lycanthropes. The idea of being a human but able to shift form just appeals to me for some reason. I think it’s because it can be really exotic depending on the animal you have the ability to shift to, like a tiger or leopard (my two favorite cats). Though, I think it would be neat to shapeshift into any form too, within certain limits, like any animal form only, but not human because that would raise too many ethical issues.

  • angiemvela

    I would love to a witch. I like the idea of being able to kindle magic. The character from the Hollows series, Rachel, has me totally mesmerized with the idea of being a witch. I believe she does truly amazing things in the series to protect her life and without magic it would be a different story.

  • Molly

    Vamps are my favorite, but I will read anything that’s well written.

  • Josh Travierso

    When I was 7 my grandmother told me about a danish myth, that the kings of Denmark had been decended from elves. Then she said, Hans Christian Anderson’s father was the illigitimate son of a danish king… then she said we were decended from Hans Christian Anderson’s line… making me part elf. Who knows if theres any truth to it. All I know is ever since I’ve wanted to be an Elf. And Elves like Ceri in Kim’s books ROCK!

  • Jasmine Smith

    I adore were-cats! Werewolves are so overdone and just can’t compete with a feisty feline. Were-cats of all kinds just seem so much more sauve and sophisticated then their canine counterparts.

  • Shell Bryce

    My love of the dark and mysterious men in the night encompasses many immortals but my heart beats a little faster everytime a dark hunky vampire looks my way with his captivating stare with those gorgeous eys. ***drooling***panting***

  • Judi Williams

    I guess I fell in love with witces when I was 5. My mom made me a wonderful witch costume when I was in kindergarten and I wore it everywhere! Bewitched was my favorite show and between Samantha and Glenda from the Wizard of OZ, I thought it was cool that witches could be beautiful. I remember reading “The Littlest Witch” and wanting to be one so badly! Now I have Kim’s Rachel Morgan…a beautiful magical witch who has the ability to love with all her heart and kick bad-guy butt. Thanks for keeping the dream alive, Kim!

  • A.N.

    Witch! I like witches for two reasons. First, you can born a witch but in some stories you can learn the craft. This is in itself a challenge or an opportunity for the character, many twists in this alone. The second reason and the more important, the witch can chose how to use her power. She can be an “evil” witch or a “good” witch and all will be because the free will not because instinct like a Were or a vampire. Be Happy!

  • Anna

    I’ve had a love affaire in my imagination with vampires for as long as I can remember knowing of Vampires. All supernatural creatures hold a certain allure but the neck tingling excitement of a vampire, the unpredictability and the lure of the darkness they reside in. There’s nothing better, at least not to me. You can’t beat the chill as warm breath fans your neck, pulse racing in anticipation… will she bite, will he… It’s a vampiric rush and nothing can beat it…

  • Sabrina

    Although I’ve always loved vampires, Miss Kim has opened up my adoration to Withces. I love the Rachel Morgan series and now find myself wishing for more witches and thier stories in my other books.

    Rachel kicks ass and thanks to Kim for creating a great series!

  • Beth

    I have always liked all the magical creatures but since reading The Hollows series, I’ve realized the amazing potential of the witches. There are so many possibilities for them to use their magic and gain power that they are very intriguing.

  • mitzi

    I adore weres it doesn’t matter the type. I just think it would be amazing to change into something else. The whole not getting sick thing is a big plus too.

  • Missy

    I would love to have one!! Love Kim’s Work!!