Diana Pharaoh Francis: Death, Taxes, and Book Launches


Edge of Dreams - 600x900x300Yesterday was tax day. I actually got mine done before April 15th, which is sort of a miracle and one that I celebrated with . . . well, no. I didn’t celebrate. I should have, though. Oh, wait. I remember why not now. There was that whole business about owing money. Didn’t want to jump up and down for that.

However, yesterday was also the release day for Edge of Dreams, the second book in my Diamond City Magic series. It is a fabulous book, if I do say so myself, and the early reviews have actually corroborated that. That I can get behind celebrating.

You might be wondering what it’s about. Well I’m here to tell you all about it, and generally ply you to go have a look so that maybe you’ll buy it and love it and tell all your friends. We writers love it when you go tell all your friends and anybody who will listen about our books and get them to read and spread the word. You are our beloved epidemic of word of mouth. Bet you never thought of yourself like that before, did you?

Edge of Dreams is a sequel to Trace of Magic. It can be read stand alone, but frankly, the first one is pretty cheap on ebook and it’s fabulous and why not get both? (You should see me in Baskin Robbins or a Frozen Yogurt joint. Or a yarn store. This sort of logic is how I ended up with an entire room packed with yarn and let’s not talk about my bathroom scale. I’m all about enabling on the good stuff.) All right. Moving on.

I’m so excited to have Edge of Dreams out in the world. It takes the characters first introduced in Trace of Magic a lot of further and to places that I didn’t see coming. Seriously. You’d think as an author I’d know what I was going to write, but the started going and things started happening, and all of a sudden, I was racing along trying to keep up.

As I’ve written this blog post, I’ve wondered just what to focus on and what to say. Too much seems spoilerish and I’ve dithered. So I’ve decided to talk a little bit about what I love about the book.

Trace of Magic made me cackle all the way through. I giggled and typed and the dogs looked at me and wondered if I’d finally gone totally off the edge. This book was a little more difficult. I had so many ideas and so many things to be done, I had to rein myself in and try to figure out just where I was going. Then I ended up jumping on the train and just riding it out with blind abandon. It’s darker. As in, bad things happen, and yet . . . .

I chortled—really, I totally chortled—as I introduced the Best. Bad. Guy. Ever. Seriously. When you meet him you’ll either want to high-five me or track him down and smack him around. Maybe both. I can’t wait for you to meet him. He’s all kinds of evil and yet he made me laugh because he’s also so obnoxiously snarky.

Then there’s all the side characters and fun interactions. I love banter and by-play, so the book is loaded with that. Riley is generous and giving to a fault, but she’s covered with thorns and attitude and the more she’s pushed up against a wall or out of her comfort zone, the more her mouth takes over. I don’t think I’m explaining very well, so let me give you a snippet:

I didn’t realize I’d stopped until Luke turned around and shined the light in my face. I squinted and looked away.

“What’s wrong?”

I didn’t speak. If I opened my mouth, the sounds that would have come out would only humiliate me. So I stood there, my entire body shaking. In the back of my head, I was praying I didn’t pee myself.

“Hey!” Luke snapped his fingers in front of me, and then he put his hands on my shoulders and gave me a little shake. “Snap out of it.”

Oh, good. I was afraid I’d never be cured, and he’d done it. A quick snap out of it and I was over my claustrophobia. If I could have, I would have rolled my eyes. I opened my mouth. Something like “ack” came out.

“Fucking hell. You’ve got claustrophobia.”

Thank you, Doctor Phil. I didn’t know. I’d have said it out loud if my lips weren’t made of frozen rubber.

“Jesus.” He shook me again and then made a frustrated sound before he slapped me.

I suppose it was a gentle slap. Admittedly, it didn’t hurt quite as bad as when [name redacted] had hit me. It also woke up a little fire in my stomach. My hands rose mechanically, and I shoved against his chest. Or maybe my hands just fluttered like butterflies there. I liked to think there was shoving.  In my head I was pounding him to a pulp.
Can you see now why I chortled throughout the book? It’s plain old fun. You ought to be warned though, if you read this book, you’ll learn to chortle yourself. People may mistake you for a criminal mastermind, by the end. Also a possibility, your pets and family may decide you need to be locked in the basement for your own good. Aside from the fun of snark, Edge of Dreams is also loaded with romance, mystery, tons of magic, sibling issues, and Big Surprises. It’s a rollercoaster read.

So I invite you to read. If you like it, I invite you (beg, blackmail, etc., you get the idea) to spread the word. Post reviews, tell your friends and enemies, parents and children, strangers—just shout it to the rooftops. If you don’t like it, I may have to start drinking. Wait . . . nevermind. It’s release week. I’m already drinking. That reminds me, I need to lay in a supply of chocolate. Possibly potato chips for if things really get rough.

Link to buy from Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/edge-of-dreams-diana-pharaoh-francis/1121707130?ean=9781611945782

Link to buy from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R6TG2ZA?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B00R6TG2ZA&linkCode=xm2&tag=dianpharfranf-20

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Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. She’s owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians.


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