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The Little Bludmermaid: A Love Song to Sang 

Look at these books Aren’t they neat? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl

The girl who’s written… every dude?

Look at this man

His chest is so bare

He has a top hat, tails and long hair?

Looking at Criminy, you’d think Sure! She’s written every dude.

I’ve got Southern drunk pianist  strong men.

I’ve got secretive artificers galore

You want hot brigands and Scots?damsel

I’ve got… um…. no wrong men!

But who cares? No big deal

I want to write more

I wanna write, wanna sell ten more books

I wanna see, wanna see them explore Sang

Riding around on those – what do you call ’em?


If I can’t write more Blud books, we won’t see the whole world

Books are required to visit more countries

Riding around in a– what’s that word again?wickedwants


Up where they dance, up where they drink blood

Up where they kick vampire rabbits in the mud

Writing’s not free.

I wish I could be

Publishing more in Sang’s world.


What would I give

If I could live In Criminy’s Caravan?Mysterious-Madam-Morpho-rv

What would I pay

To spend a day

In Paradis Cabaret?

Betcha in Sang, they don’t get a pang

Bet they don’t need dentists for shiny white fangs

Bright young Bludwomen

Cannot be swimmin’

Cuz of salt’s poisonous taaaaaaaang!


I’m ready to know how to swing the trapezeWATC cover

Hang out with daimons and learn the can-can

What’s a bludpoodle, and why does it– what’s the word?


Why can’t I have more?

Why can’t I write, write more books in Sang’s early light?

I’m out of sequels

Time for some prequels

In the Sang world.


Or, in non-Disney-vampire-mermaid speak, the third book in my Blud series for Pocket is out on Tuesday, January 28. WICKED AFTER MIDNIGHT ( takes a blood-drinking contortionist from Earth out of the traveling carnival and into the dangerous but beautiful cabarets of Paris. I’ve written three books, three e-novellas, and a short story in the world of Sang, and I’m so sad to see the series end. Sang brings together all the things I love: corsets, clockwork monkeys, bloodthirsty horses, vampire rabbits, carnivals, cabarets, mustachioed demon villains, absinthe, submarines, dirigible whorehouses, feisty heroines, and, most especially, hot heroes in top hats and waistcoats.

delilahauthorpicTHE DAMSEL AND THE DAGGERMAN ( is an e-novella that earned a star from Library Journal and which almost serves as the introduction to WICKED AFTER MIDNIGHT, as it gives heroine Demi Ward a reason to leave the clockwork carnival where she’s been working as an acrobat and contortionist. Together, these two January releases say goodbye to the characters I’ve come to love while giving the reader two last, delicious stories of adventure, intrigue, imagination, and, yes, sexytimes.

So if you like a fantasy adventure with deep worldbuilding peppered with steamy sex, be sure to check out the Blud series. But don’t trust the mermaid. That girl’s up to no good.




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