Chloe Neill — Book Birthday!

Today we welcome, for the first time, Chloe Neill. She will be joining us all month, to answer questions, give advice, and share thoughts. Her book WILD THINGS is released today. Check it out!
Hi Magical Words! I’m jumping right in here.
There’s a knock at your door.  A man stands on the stoop in a bad suit and shiny shoes, his expression halfway between irritation and boredom.  
You know why he’s here: he suspects you of murder.  But you’re a supernatural, it was self-defense, and the system is stacked against you. 
You arrange a safe house, pack a bag, and load the car. 
That’s the situation Merit and Ethan, vampires of Chicago’s Cadogan House, find themselves in.  
The death of another Master vampire at Ethan’s hands was purely self-defense; Harold Monmonth showed up at the door of Cadogan House with a sword in hand and murder on his mind.  But the Chicago’s mayor is in trouble and looking for a scapegoat, and vampires are a convenient target.  
Ethan is a convenient target, and his safety is Merit’s number one priority.  That’s what’s got her willing to run in WILD THINGS, the ninth novel in my Chicagoland Vampires series, which hits shelves today!  I’m so thrilled to share it with readers.  
Interested? Here’s a little teaser:
“The mayor knew there’d be trouble,” I said. “The CPD already said Ethan acted in self-defense. And we just handed McKetrick to them on a silver platter. The city has absolutely nothing to complain about where we’re concerned.”

The detective’s warning had come only hours after we’d managed to prove McKetrick, the city’s now former supernatural liaison, was the source of the riots that had spread violence, destruction, and fire around the city. You’d think that would have put us in the mayor’s good graces. Alas, no.

“They won’t stay away forever,” I said. “Jacobs wouldn’t have warned us if he didn’t think they were serious. And that doesn’t give us many options. Ethan flees, or we have to fight.”

“Whatever their next move, the House will be ready,” Lindsey said. “We just have to scoot Ethan out of here.” She checked a delicate gold watch. “Not much time before sunrise. This is going to be close.”

“Papa Breck could still say no,” I pointed out, wrapping my arms around my knees. He and Ethan were different sups, but equally stubborn.

But Lindsey shook her head. “Not if he’s smart. Arresting a vampire for a bullshit reason isn’t far from arresting a shifter for a bullshit reason. If Papa Breck doesn’t take a stand now, he’ll put the Pack at risk. But if he does take a stand?” She clucked her tongue. “Then he wins, double or nothing. We’ll owe him a favor, and he’ll have stood up to Kowalcyzk. That reinforces his power, and it’s just—”

Before she could finish, the office door opened.

Luc and Malik emerged, Ethan behind them. All three were tall and bore the toughened shoulders of men in charge, but the physical similarities ended there.

Luc had tousled blond-brown hair and preferred snug jeans and well-worn boots to Ethan’s and Malik’s exquisite suits. Since Ethan’s welfare fell under his jurisdiction, his ruggedly handsome features were tight with concern.

Malik had cocoa skin, closely cropped hair, and pale green eyes that thoughtfully took in the hallway of vampires. Malik was reserved, careful, and unquestionably respected by the House. But like Luc, he also didn’t look thrilled with the circumstances.

And then there was Ethan.

He was built like an athlete—long and lean, with taut muscles and a body that fit perfectly into his trim black suit. His hair was straight, shoulder length, and golden, framing a face so gorgeous it might have been sculpted by a master artist. Straight nose, honed cheekbones, lush mouth, and eyes as sharp and green as flawless emeralds. Ethan was as alpha as they came, protective and pretentious, intelligent and strategic, and stubborn enough to match me well.

We’d had our own false starts, but we’d finally found a clear path to each other. That might have been the biggest miracle of all.

Ethan’s forehead was pinched in concern, but his eyes gave away nothing. He was the Master of our House; he didn’t have the luxury of self-doubt.

A dozen vampires jumped to their feet.

“I’ll be traveling to the Breckenridge estate,” Ethan announced. “Cadogan vampires do not run. We do not hide. We do not scurry into the dark. We face our problems—head on. But this House has been through much of late. I have been asked, for the sake of the House, to consider making myself scarce.

Ready for more? You can read the entire first chapter of WILD THINGS here: 
Release day leaves me a little rushed, but I’ll check in to answer questions as time permits. And, I’ll be back next week to chat more. 
ChloeNeillphotoChloe Neill is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Chicagoland Vampires and Dark Elite series.  She was born and raised in the South, but now makes her home in the Midwest–just close enough to Cadogan House and St. Sophia’s to keep an eye on things. When not transcribing Merit’s and Lily’s adventures, she bakes, works, and scours the Internet for good recipes and great graphic design. Chloe also maintains her sanity by spending time with her boys–her favorite landscape photographer/husband and their dogs, Baxter and Scout. (Both she and the photographer understand the dogs are in charge.)
 Photo credit: Dana Damewood
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  • Ken

    Happy Book Birthday Chloe!!!

  • Congratulations on the release! And welcome to Magical Words.

  • Hi, Chloe. Congratulations on your newest release. We’re so pleased to have you here at the site for the coming month.

    You mention in your post that WILD THINGS is the ninth installment in the series. I’ve just finished writing the fourth in my Thieftaker Chronicles and am working on book 2 in a contemporary UF series coming out next year from Baen. How do you keep the story lines and character arcs fresh after so many books, not only for your readers, but also for you as you write?

  • Welcome!!!
    And I echo what David said about the freshness that is always there in your books. How do you do it?

    Question two: How in the world do you keep it all straight. I have a wonderful beta reader who is putting together a series bible for me, and who checks for continuity problems, but it’s horrible! SO much to remember!

  • Happy book birthday, Chloe, and thanks for spending part of your special day with us!

  • chloeneill

    Hi, everybody! So sorry for the delay — it’s been a bit of a long day around here — and thanks for dropping by for my book birthday! 🙂

    DBC – Your books are in my TBR pile, and thank you very much! It definitely can be a struggle to keep things fresh. I’m not certain there is a secret, except that I learned to keep a file of any and all possible ideas for future books. I literally keep a Word doc for scenes, ideas, phrases, and overall plots that I can turn to if I run out of ideas. I also try to give my plots/obstacles/whathave you, a twist that makes them interesting for me to research. So there’s not just a vampire on a murderous rage, but a vampire on a murderous rage due to a wrong done them in the Jazz era. (That way, I get to research the Jazz era, which keeps it fresh for me).

  • chloeneill

    Faith – I am very fortunate in that I have a human continuity bible: my fabulous assistant, Krista. She knows the books better than I do.

    I find it’s easier to fill in a blank space in a manuscript than to try and correct errors later on, so if I’m not sure of something, I’ll leave a space (literally several underscore characters), check with her (or Google it), and fill it in later.

    I also keep the final edited Word versions of my books in a folder on my computer so that I can easily (and electronically) search them if I need to verify something.