Character Keeper Free Software for Writers


Magical Words is proud to present new writing software called Character Keeper.

The authors here on Magical Words devote a lot of their time in giving back to the writing community and that spirit continues with the release of Character Keeper.

Character Keeper is a simple note keeping writing tool that offers you a method of keeping bits of information arranged in one convenient place rather than having multiple word documents stored here and there.

Character Keeper may not change your life but it may offer you an additional organizational writing tool that can benefit your writing.

One thing that we would like for the readers of Magical Words to do is to spread the word about this writing software, so go take a look at it, download it, check it out and even if you don’t use it or find that it suits your particular method of keeping notes someone else might find it beneficial.

So download Character Keeper now for free, and then return to your own blogs, journals and websites and let people know about what we are doing here. Oh, and be sure to leave us a comment about what you think about Character Keeper.

We appreciate your readership and contributions to Magical Words.


22 comments to Character Keeper Free Software for Writers

  • It says tht Adobe Flash 10 is required to download the program, but I don’t have that version. Is there another way to download it?

  • P.S> I am on my computer at work so I cannot update. *frown*

  • mikaela

    It is really neat and easy to use once you have installed it πŸ™‚

  • Well it looks pretty simple so far. Much more simple than say, Writer’s Dreamkit, which I also have. Though the difference with WDK is that it’s a tool to help you design the story and this one is more for keeping things in order when you already have your bare backbones laid out. I’ll probably play with it a bit today, maybe type up one of my old short stories into it, and then see what happens. This looks like something my wife would like to help her keep things in order on her novel.

  • Todd

    Thanks for the comments so far. Character Keeper is not meant to replace full blown writing software such as WORD or novel writing assisting software.

    It simply gives you the ability to organize notes in any category you wish.

    Also, if needed there are some quick training videos located on the right hand column of the description/purchase page.

  • Tom

    I downloaded and playing with it. Is there a way to rename a Category? By playing with it, to see how it works, I named some of them incorrectly.

  • Tom

    Also, the ability to create sub-categories would be nice

  • Very cool. I’d heard this mentioned and was curious what it was. I will check this out with my new story and see how it works.

  • This looks to be a great tool. I’ll be using it. Thanks, guys!

  • Have to agree on the sub-category comment. If you’re going to have notes from multiple novels in it, you would want to layer the information in beneath the main category heading for the particular novel. Another thing to maybe consider (I’m no programmer so take this with a grain of salt obviously), is putting in some kind of minor text options menu. Even within notes, being able to bold or underline or bullet point things would be handy. It is a very nice, clean, simple to use program though. The danger you have if you are hoping to market this down the road (and I’m no marketing whiz either btw), is that it is going to be too simple and folks are going to say they can do similar things within whatever program they have now. I’ve not researched any of this mind you, just saying. One final thing, and I’m not trying to nitpick here, just giving back initial impression feedback, is the name. It implies something specific toward managing character information, which it can certainly be used for, but it has a more general setup. It’s more like a Novel Notes kind of thing. Not sure what sort of feedback you are looking for. Is this something with plans to expand on or add to or is it pretty much stand alone, as is?

  • Melanie

    So, like, has someone been creeping in via computer to watch (and laugh) at me juggling to keep all these sorts of things organized? πŸ˜› This product sounds great. And I have LOTS of files to keep track of. I’ll check this out and see how it works. Thanks so very much for creating this tool! *dances off*

  • Todd

    All the comments good and bad are appreciated. A software tool needs to be useful to the majority of users. Like a good novel, and any other product, you can’t please all the people all the time, but we hope to fulfill a niche that is needed.

    Like any good critique group all comments will be noted and considered within the whole of the project. The overall goal is not a do-all piece of software but one that does fulfill a need.

    This is the very early stage of Character Keeper and there will be modification so your input into this endeavor is needed.

    Sub-Categories have been mentioned twice so far so this seems to hold extra importance, although my initial thoughts were, “just create another category”. In my mind each new entry, under a main category, is like a sub-category but if the need is there then it will be considered. I can see the problem of long term usage if you have developed more than one novel but there is also a certain familiarity of recognition to the writer that goes with a category when the writer is panning down looking for a tidbit of information.

    That is the core idea for Character Keeper. Bits of notes grouped under personal headings that mean something to the author.

    Once again, your impressions, needs and thoughts on Character Keeper are vital and important for future improvements. You will all hopefully experience the same give and take as each of your novels or stories are accepted into the publishing medium.

    Keep the comments coming.

  • Yeah, i can see it both ways. Each category that is the same story could be named the same thing, like Novel 1, Novel 1 Timeline, Novel 1 Characters, etc, but sub categories would definitely make that easier, so that Novel 1 need only appear once in the list. I really like the direction so far though. I do have a number of things that have notes all over the place, especially game notes, that this program would help greatly. I think even like the addition of sub-categories will make the program really useful for a wide variety of people. I’ve mentioned the program on a couple blogs recently. I think anyone who has a lot of story info to keep track of will find this useful.

  • I dig the idea for this program. I installed it and I’ll give it a shot during my next writing session. Keep it up MW! : )

  • mikaela

    I understand what Todd mean, and personally I have no problem to call a new entry Synopsis(story name). I have mentioned before that I like it. I have tried out other software before, and this is really easy to use ! I am using it to create said synopsis. To use that as a basis for an extensive replot for Wolf and Widow

  • Melanie

    Okay, my characters woke me up informing me that I was missing an environmental detail, so I dragged down to my cave at rude hours. As a result I had a chance to play with this handy bit of programming. Here are my considered thoughts.

    I like a number of things regarding ease of negotiation and transparency of what one is doing. There are some items which would (at least for me, hopefully others) strengthen the usefulness of CK.


    Needs to be able to support tabbing in the record pane for as you type info there (not depend entirely on a Word doc importation (though I note a convenience of basic bulleting shapes support from there – cool)

    Subcategories are extremely useful:
    (ex) Reference/Research: Supernatural: Vampires: Societal rules

    Bolding and Italics – Please! Thanks.

    Drag and Drop ability for ‘Category’ and ‘Clip’ order arrangement in Clip Database pane, or at least a “sort by” alphabetical option.


    Icon attachment abilitiy at Category level at least (preferably throughout clip names, too)

    Might there be a function to “Import”, give CK a location address, thereby establishing a link to that file name (or even folder – woo!) once imported which when clicked would find and initiate opening that file doc (Word, Notepad, PDF, etc.)? The link might exist in a separate Clip Database division (Clip Name / Category / Link).

    It would be great if, with subcategories, you could mouse over the subs header and get a preview drop-down listing of those file names within it. You might still have to click open the subcat to access the discrete file (rather than through this drop-down), but that would save all sorts of time and confusion for identifying what’s where.


    Would it be better to arrange, under Clip Details, the Category first, then the Clip Name line beneath? This would be in keeping with the descending order of the Clip Database layout.

    Hope this is helpful input. I’ll zap over any additional thoughts if they arise. Again, thanks so much for a handy, speedy, and intuitive program!

  • I love the idea of this software – it sounds much better than what I currently use to organize and outline (BasKet for Linux). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to download it (keep getting ‘try again’). I’m thinking it’s because the processor in my little machine doesn’t quite meet requirements (900mhz with 512MB RAM on Ubuntu 8.04). I’ll probably still try it out on our Windows desktop, but no matter how great a program is, it’s just not useful if it’s not on your writing machine. *sad face*

  • Todd

    Suggestions that have been received so far have been passed on to the programmer and we will see what pops out the other end.

    Melanie said: Would it be better to arrange, under Clip Details, the Category first, then the Clip Name line beneath? This would be in keeping with the descending order of the Clip Database layout.

    You can already rearrange the order of the Categories or the Clips/entries underneath a category in ascending or descending order simply by clicking the tab at the top with the tiny arrow pointing up or down.

  • I have had a play with this and populated a few categories I’m needing to keep notes on and so far it seems an intuitive, nifty little programme. I’ve been looking for something simple and sweet to keep notes on for my world building and this looks just right.

    I would like the ability to break the categories down further, along the lines of Melanie’s suggestion and attaching multiple categories to a single entry.

    otherwise, it does pretty much what I need it to!

  • Another little thought on this. The ability to alter the font size would likely be handy for those with reading issues

  • I was going to take a look and play with this, but I’m not sure what a ‘web connected desktop application’ is. Is this a program that requires live web access to run?

  • Amy

    Loving the program, it’s so useful for keeping track of all my little worldbuilding details!

    I agree with the other commenters that subcategories would be really useful. Another thing I’ve found when using it is that being able to ‘undo’ something I’ve done would be handy – I accidentally deleted a section of text in one of my clips earlier and couldn’t get it back.