Author video chat: ConCarolinas 2011


Hey everyone. Kalayna here, filling in for Misty while she frantically revises her MS.

Today I have what I hope you will consider a treat. If you’ve ever visited my home blog, you might have noticed I occasionally post short videos where I sit down and chat with authors. (I’d post them more often, but I typically can only record them at cons and festivals.) Well, as most of the gang here at Magical Words attended ConCarolinas, we decided to do a group author chat.

I hope you enjoy! (edited to add: Both links are the same video. Some people were having trouble hitting one, so I thought I’d create two options.)

Author Chat with Magical Words (youtube)

Author Chat with Magical Words (facebook)

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  • The link leads to a page that says “This video has either been removed or is not visible due to privacy settings.” You might want to go in and fiddle with it. 😀

  • Sorry! Hopefully at least one link will work for everyone now. Does anyone know how to embed a video in our posts? I can very easily do it on my home blog, but I couldn’t get it to work (even by working with the raw post html) on the magical words blog.

  • Wow, MW Live. You all have voices. And bodies! I know that might sound strange, but for somebody who has never met, but communicates regularly on the web, this was an experience. For me, now there are people behind the pages. I recommend re-posting this video or others once in a while. Just seeing you and hearing your voices has added depth to the personalities I know from the screen.

    When I attended my first Con back in February 2009, I hadn’t met any pro authors in person. I bumped into Joshua Palmatier, Patricia Bray, and S.C. Butler at Boskone, all whom I knew through LiveJournal. It was an amazing experience and it sort of humanized the individuals I’d come to know on the net.

    I hope to meet you all in person, perhaps next year at ConCarolinas.

    Kalayna, thanks for interviewing the gang and posting this. And welcome, officially, to the site. (What’s the secret handshake?)


  • Thanks Dave! I’m so thrilled to have been invited to join on a permanent basis.

    I know, isn’t it weird to suddenly associate real live people with words? Growing up I was never much for movie stars–writers were my heroes. It was absolutely amazing when I started going to cons and actually meeting the people behind the books. (Of course, decades of fan worship from afar means that even now, after becoming a published writer myself, I tend to get incredibly nervous around other writers. I keep waiting for them to realize I’m a poser and kick me out of the club. LOL)

  • Deb S

    That was great. It had a great vibe. You all came across as genuinely nice people, just as you do on the blog. (Fame and fortune be damned:) I couldn’t make it to CC, but the video almost feel like I was there.

  • Wow! We looked pretty good for a post-con interview. And we sounded smart — almost like we knew what we were talking about.

    We didn’t look all worn out, sleep deprived, exhausted, or hung over! Actually we didn’t hang at the bar at all.

    No, wait. I think I remember two of the guys heading there after the politics panel…
    (ducks and runs again)

  • Thanks Deb, and sorry you couldn’t make it to the Con!

  • Great interview, Kalayna! That was a wonderful final reminder of my wild weekend away. 🙂

  • Thanks for putting this together Kalayna. On top of the nice little touches (putting our names in and our books at the end), you somehow managed to make us sound coherent and somewhat intelligent. And you got rid of that giant, pet aardvark that AJ insisted on bringing along.

  • LOL, Faith.

    It was great seeing you at the con, Laura. And you are totally welcome for this little ‘take-home’ section of the con. I think we all had fun recording it. ^_^

    Stuart, man, editing out that aardvark was a pain, especially when it did that tap dance number across everyone’s lap (though I must say, all of you did well at not showing it in your expressions when that happened.) AJ, next time, no pets, okay? ^_~
    (BTW, Stuart, do you have FB? I wanted to tag you, but I couldn’t find your profile.)

  • What I like best about it the video is you somehow managed to make me look tall. Or at least not-short. The wonders of modern technology. Back in colonial days videos like this one were far more crude. (I learned that while researching my next book…)

  • See, cameras of those days had squirrels behind the lens, frantically sketching away as they captured images. As everyone knows, squirrels have no sense of proportion, so it makes perfect sense.

  • Kalayna, I have a Facebook Fan Page which you’ll find a link to on the right side of Magical Words. You know, over there —>>>>>

  • LoL, Stuart. I did find that one. Unfortunately, you can’t tag an author page.

  • David, Everyone knows that the camera adds ten pounds, but occasionally it adds a tenth of an inch. 😉 Kalayna, Thanks for posting this; it’s fun. I have to admit it’s amazing that we managed to be even vaguely coherent at the very END of a con. Is it possible to edit coherence as well as aardvarks?

  • There were aardvarks? And squirrels?
    I’m lost. But, then, the con hit me this afternoon. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. My hair looks like squirrels nested in it. Maybe that’s where they went when their jobs were sent overseas to make Asian cameras.

  • Razziecat

    Great video chat…looks like you all had a lot of fun! I haven’t been able to attend a con with authors for years (sniff) but maybe again some day, I hope. In the meantime I’ll keep visiting Magical Words (and reading my copy of the book…yay! I read with a highlighter in hand:)

  • Julia

    Wonderful video! Next year, I’ll do my best to join you all at the con. 🙂

  • Love it – and I second Dave’s suggestion of posting new ones on occasion!

  • What a fun chat! Thanks, Kalayna for capturing the gang.

  • Alas, Kalayna, when I tried to enter the draw it said that addresses outside the U.S. were unable to enter. But I’ll be happy to pre-order instead. 🙂

  • Wayne McCalla

    Loved the interview… Almost had a chance to see it “live” but was too late. It was great seeing everyone at the con again this year. Hopefully everyone getting together at ConCarolinas will be an annual event.