Magical Words Link Roundup 8-9-2017


Steve Wetherell says, “I’ll never say the n-word. Well, not in any official capacity. I might sing along to an Anderson Paak song, and my usual tactic of replacing it with ‘fella’ doesn’t always scan well.”

It’s no secret that television shows and movies struggle to realistically explore the lives of people of color, but in dystopian fiction, it’s an especially glaring problem.

Fantasy tropes can be great—that’s why they become tropes. But sometimes you want to read something you feel like you’ve never read before.

Zazie Beetz as the mutant Domino in Deadpool 2 looks incredible: confident, ready to kick ass, beautiful and deadly. But of course, this being the Internet, criticisms started to pour in.

Horrorfreak News explores cults, secret societies, and the appearances of cults in horror cinema.

Few authors are as prolific and compulsively readable as Stephen King. That doesn’t mean his books translate easily to the big screen.

Sometimes, NASA gets to have a bit of fun with asteroids. This fall, the agency will have a grand ol’ time with one such object.

Stephen Petranek thinks we should have gone to Mars years ago — decades even.

Sony has named a showrunner for their upcoming Dark Tower television series.


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