Magical Words Link Roundup 8-14-2017


Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, will be helming a new adaptation of Neuromancer, the classic cyberpunk novel by William Gibson. Can I put in a vote for Maisie Williams to play Molly? Pleeeeease?

Writing a book is a difficult process. It is a process though that should not be interrupted by outside influence, especially when one’s lifetime achievement is involved.

Gods make for terrible characters. How do you present someone more than human making them relateable without diminishing what ought to make them alien?

There may be a “ghost” hanging around Winterfell, and we’re not talking about Jon Snow’s direwolf.

Another author, N K Jemisen, has withdrawn from the Dragon Awards. I understand why, even support the decision, but I’m still disappointed, because I voted for her. Oddly enough, the first withdrawal, John Scalzi, has changed his mind and left his book in the running. It’s all very exciting.

This stunning gallery on Blavity showcases eight up-and-coming visual artists influenced by Afrofuturism, science fiction that explores the experiences and culture of people of color.

We’ve all been there – goodbyes have been said, bags have been packed. The con is over, and you’ve got a case of post-con depression.


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