Magical Words Link Roundup 7-5-2017


The content of required reading lists matters not just for my kid, but for your kids, and not just for kids, but all of us who live in America.

Fantasy fiction is rife with tropes. We’ve all bemoaned the most overused: dark lords, ancient prophecies, faux-medieval Europe, quests, magic blades, and so on.

Author Neil Gaiman says meeting his readers is ‘enormously fun‘.

If you haven’t heard of cli-fi yet, you are not alone; however, you have probably either read or watched some already.

The film and TV industries go to extreme lengths to protect the details of their stories. So it’s hilarious when their biggest plot twists are revealed not by master hackers or corporate spies, but by random fans making off-the-cuff jokes.

John Scalzi says, “The first time I personally encountered Harry Potter was not long after the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, came out. I was 30 and my daughter was an infant, so in neither case were these particular Scalzis the target demographic for the books, but by that time the buzz (and sales) of the series were pretty significant.”

NASA has not enslaved a colony of children on Mars nor is it using them for vile orgies on the Red Planet nor feasting on them to harvest their precious bone marrow, officials have told The Register. Whew.

Here’s a quick guide on how to successfully not market your book, thus ensuring that only the most selective, discriminating, or lucky readers will ever find it.


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