Magical Words Link Roundup 7-31-2017


Nicole Givens Kurtz says, “The Dark Tower series exposes modern views of black womanhood and so I wonder how the movie adaptation will address those issues, if at all.”

Jupiter is so big it does not actually orbit the sun.

Louisville’s Fandom Fest, already handicapped by its last-minute move to an old Macy’s store and the loss of more than half its celebrity guests, also opened Thursday under crowd restrictions imposed by the fire marshal.

Over on Twitter Friday afternoon, actor George Takei posed quite the interesting analogy: Is John McCain essentially Severus Snape?

Despite having a society in which we fear sudden violence, we seem to be fascinated with assassins. Why is that?

Often the simplest gifts are truly the greatest ones.

What are some of your favorite books that blend the familiar and the unfamiliar—the uncanny?

Just when I think I might have had too much of Twitter, this happens. And I go running back with my arms open.


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