Magical Words Link Roundup 7-27-2017


The World Fantasy Awards ballot for works published in 2016 has been announced.

Authors and publishers alike are finding that it’s hard to sell books in a political climate where truth is stranger than fiction.

Here are ten types of authors who can go jump in a lake. (Okay, the original quote had naughty words in it, so I replaced them to spare any delicate eyes.)

Urban fantasy brings in the real world alongside the supernatural vibes. We’re talking modern settings — usually in cities — where people deal with more crime and mystery elements. The books are always fast-paced, and tons of your favorite TV shows are based on them.

Character doesn’t need to be limited to those who walk and talk and have their adventures between the pages of your favourite novel. Some of the best books use setting as character — the place in which the action unfolds can be just as important as the people.

Down-to-earth fantasies tend to hinge the idea that humans can mess up a fantasy world just as badly as any real one, especially if they have access to magic.

Want to read the 80’s? Here’s a list of books to start with.

The FCC, led by Trump appointee Ajit Pai, is still on its crusade to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules in the name of doing what’s best for the internet, but the FCC’s information policies haven’t been nearly as transparent as their lies.


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