Magical Words Link Roundup 7-26-2017


The Mary Sue ranks nine movie adaptations of the classic story of love, betrayal, and round tables, the King Arthur saga.

If you enjoyed Robert Jackson Bennett’s novel City of Stairs, check out this fabulous exploration of the city of Bulikov.

United Airlines decided to bully the geeks at ComiCon. And weirdly, the TSA came out on the right side.

As with all clichés, however, they become eye-roll-worthy when used en masse, i.e. when several standard tropes are all packed into the one artwork. If a book tries to cover too many bases, it can start to look a little silly.

The essence of a great science fiction or fantasy novel is the world.

There is a television show I love. The show frequently features brilliant, courageous, unstoppable women.

The Moon has more water than previously thought, and it’s deep below the lunar surface. A new study suggests that water is widespread beyond the poles, where it was already known to exist, although scientists don’t know exactly how much water is there. The discovery has consequences for future missions to the Moon.

Reading a familiar trope is like visiting an old friend. Or like going on your favorite roller coaster—one where you know all the loops and curves so well that you start shrieking before you even reach them.


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