Magical Words Link Roundup 7-20-2017


It’s 50 days from Dragon Con 2017 – do you know where your hosts are?

Santino Hassell discusses badass queer characters from paranormal universes within books, comics, and TV.

It’s always fun to find out who other authors regard as the sexiest or hottest heroes in sci-fi romance and fantasy novels.

Theresa DeLucci says, “Some people look at the ocean and see a wonderland of surfing and swimming. But I know better. There, there be man-eating sharks and terrible Eldritch horrors waiting to loom up from a darkened trench. Too much sunshine causes skin cancer and sand gets into the most annoying places.”

Black women have always been perceived as strong, if not superhuman, and that has been as much a burden as anything else we’ve faced in Western society. Our strength has been used as justification for our base mistreatment, in fact, both historically and in contemporary times.

The Louisville, KY Fandom Fest is scheduled to take place pretty damned soon (July 28th-30th), and while the venue hadn’t ever been formally mentioned on the con’s official materials this year, it just wouldn’t make sense to announce a venue change now, right?

Brandon O’Brien says, “Writers of colour talk about voice a lot. You may not hear it often, and I’m inclined to say without a hint of admonition that if you haven’t heard it at all, that says even more about the landscape that we’re in.”

Hot fried chicken might not make sense as the perfect summer food, but science is here to make the argument that it is — provided it’s got that characteristic crunch as your jaws clamp down on a juicy bite.

We all know about the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria … the vast storehouse of knowledge that became the wonder of the ancient world. These are the books Rachel Caine would’ve saved from being lost to history.


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