Magical Words Link Roundup 7-19-2017

Share is looking to hire!

Space scientists are turning their attention from Mars to another possible haven for alien life – liquid oceans locked under miles of ice on some of our solar system’s moons.

Adam-Troy Castro says, “It’s like none of them were paying any attention at all.”

A security robot in Washington DC suffered a watery demise after falling into a fountain by an office building. (Was his name, by chance, Marvin?)

We’re all storytellers. We all use story in our daily lives. They’re the atoms of our social interactions.

Business leaders need to read more science fiction.

It is important to be able to improvise when running a tabletop roleplaying game, whether the genre is fantasy, sci-fi, or something altogether different. This is because players are, above all, mad creatures who do not listen to either reason or instructions.


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