Magical Words Link Roundup 7-18-2017


Congratulations AJ Hartley, the winner of the 2017 Manly Wade Wellman Award for North Carolina Science Fiction and Fantasy, announced at ConGregate on July 15!

You guys already heard about the new Doctor, yes?

From It Comes at Night to A Ghost Story, a new breed of horror is creeping into the multiplex, replacing jump-scares with existential dread.

Between Marvel, DC Comics, and lesser-known imprints, comic book stories have been fully embraced by the TV medium, translating onto the small screen the huge success comics have enjoyed in cinema.

On Friday, a book jumped to the #1 spot on Amazon, out of nowhere; it quickly became obvious that the author had used a clickfarm to gatecrash the charts.

Writing is not the same as publishing. That may seem obvious to most. But picture a young author with a lot to say – This person writes and writes, day after day. Amasses a seven-foot-tall stack of words on paper. This person then thinks everyone would love to read what they wrote. And the answers come back: Not a chance in H. E. double hockey sticks!

With ‘Game of Thrones’ returning on Sunday for its penultimate season, the man who started it all reveals his fantasy movie favorites, from ‘Ladyhawke’ to ‘Lord of the Rings.’

Inspired by neuroscience, a specially designed siren designed to capture attention is finding a smart and potentially life-saving use in Africa.


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