Magical Words Link Roundup 7-12-2017


We are part of an amazingly creative generation. Yet, all this creative freedom sometimes has surprising side effects for our mental and spiritual health. Our passion for creating can sometimes shift into anxiety and depression.

How do you do inventory if you can’t close the library because you’re letting kids take books out for the summer?” The criticism in the other school librarian’s voice was not even trying to veil itself behind a smile.

Genre SF authors often depict futuristic swearing, blasphemy and other forms of foul speech, not always with any great conviction.

The Moon is the Tango to Earth’s Cash, the Hall to our Oates, the Lennon to our McCartney before they hated each other. Simply put, our planet and the Moon are soul mates: except, of course, if something were to happen to one of them. Like, I don’t know, what if we just blew up the Moon?

Sometimes it seems pretty incredible that Game of Thrones has been such a hit, considering how cruel it can be to its own fans. You pour your heart into these characters, you root for them, and then one day Game of Thrones sits you down and explains that this character has been lit on fire or cut in half or shot full of an improbable number of arrows.

The circus is in town. The carnival has arrived. There will be bright lights, and loud noises, and things to frighten, and things to amaze.

Is A Song of Ice and Fire ultimately the story of a long, bloody transition from a feudal, monarchical system to some kind of proto-democracy, in which all castes have a voice, and the nobles and the various religions must yield to the rule of law? In other words, can the game of thrones finally end, replaced by a civilization that actually works?

They’re fairies, mutants, or the survivors of a long-lost civilization. They dwell in the shadows, sewers, or caves not found on any spelunker’s map. Whatever they really are, these devolved monsters fear and hate modern humans, and if you’re not careful, they’ll steal you away for dinner — or maybe make you one of them.

Space might think of itself as a final frontier, but for boundless human ingenuity, it’s just another hurdle to insanity-scream our way over.


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