Magical Words Link Roundup 7-11-2017


Derek Haines says, “I had the occasion, albeit under the very heavy influence of a bottle or two of an extremely pleasant Shiraz, to stumble upon a rather tall gentleman with an odd outlook on life. Well, odd in the fact that he was rumoured to be dead, but we’ll come to that shortly.”

Photographer and photo editor Kathleen Kamphausen recreated some of the most passionate front covers of romance novels using Average Joes instead of Fabios, and they pretty much look like most of us trying to be seductive on any given day.

When it comes to the undead in modern horror, there are few—if any—things that come to mind quicker than zombies.

Rachel Dunne says, “Rereading books is one of my big vices – I love digging into a book and catching all the subtle foreshadowing, finding the deeper meaning. It feels a little like being invited into the inner circle, where you can nod knowingly and smirk because you totally get it.”

In Andy Weir’s novel The Martian, the protagonist endures the harsh terrain of Mars by using his own s$%t to grow potatoes. The idea isn’t that outlandish—over the last few years, a NASA-backed project has been attempting to simulate Martian potato farming by growing taters in the Peruvian desert. While early results were promising, new research suggests that survival of any life on Mars—much less potato-growing humans—might be more difficult than we thought.

For those wanting more funny sci-fi, writer Jon Bois has delivered.

Why do we still read The Lord of the Rings?

John Scalzi says, “Written yourself into a corner? Go take a shower.”


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