Magical Words Link Roundup 6-27-2017


We’re all imperfect mortals, but if fantasy has taught us anything, it’s that the gods are no great shakes either. The genre is loaded with tales of gods who are anything but infallable—whether than means losing all their followers or managing to embroil themselves in a millennia-long war with other immortals.

There’s no denying it: the arrival of Wonder Woman has dealt a massive blow to Hollywood sexism, after years of male superheroes dominating the spotlight in any and all blockbuster franchises.

How do you narrow down the entire history of science fiction cinema into a list of only the 10 best movies? (Editor’s note – I’ll bet I disagree with a lot of them…)

Sometimes people write stories with outrageous opening premises and have absolutely no intention of including a concordance with the text.

Romance and YA are often seen as not ‘real’ fiction, which is stupid, because women and teenage girls are obsessed with both. And if you’re obsessed with something, that means it’s a good book.

Marie Brennan says, “They’re by far the minority among my published works, but even so: depending on how you count it, one novel series, one novella series, a novelette, and three short stories have been shaped in some fashion by my RPG experiences.”

The first official trailer for Game of Thrones’ 7th and penultimate season was fine. But to be honest, after almost a year of waiting they could have released a two-minute clip of Littlefinger ominously playing with his mustache and I would have been hyped.


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