Magical Words Link Roundup 6-20-2017


If you’re in Georgia District 6 or SC District 5, don’t forget to go out and vote in today’s special election.

The key to crafting a captivating historical fantasy is to submerge the reader’s senses.

You might chortle at the thought, but a surprising number of words we use every day slipped into the English language through children’s books.

There are thousands of podcasts about any conceivable topic, which makes it that much more intimidating to get started if you’re a podcast newbie. So here are 13 podcasts that you might like, based on 13 books that are at the top of best-seller charts right now.

George Orwell said, “Good prose should be transparent, like a window pane.” The idea behind this statement, as far as this advice went, was that prose should simply be the vehicle by which you convey character and story—it should be as unassuming and inconspicuous as possible in order to focus on what really matters.

Emma Newman has proven herself a prolific and talented writer with no genre allegiances, showing off her science fiction chops in the psychologically intriguing near-future-set Planetfall and its follow-up, After Atlas, and displaying an affinity for steampunk alternate history in Brother’s Ruin.

Imagine that you could introduce yourself to someone by showing them your bookshelf. What ten books would you put on that shelf that would give people a glimpse into who you are?

Writers aspire to being a voice inside your head. It is a given sometimes that voice will grate (“This guy sucks!”) and sometimes it will provoke (“This guy always makes me mad! I want to read his next six books to keep an eye on him!”) and sometimes it will resonate mightily (“This guy’s awesome! He changed me!”)

Finally, the superhero I’ve been waiting for!


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