Magical Words Link Roundup 6-15-2017


In Good Faith: Messy Conversations About Race in Black & White” is a non profit dialogue between a white man and a black woman from different backgrounds who share a common goal of building and promoting racial understanding.

Climate change is a defining topic of near-future science fiction much like technology was the defining topic in the days of cyberpunk. Except that, really, climate fiction is bigger than cyberpunk.

Arrakis wasn’t the first desert planet of science fiction—at the very least, Altair IV as seen on Forbidden Planet has it beat, and I’m sure there’s some pulpy goodness even earlier that involves desert planet adventures. But Arrakis and its direct descendant Tatooine are definitely the most iconic desert worlds of our genre.

The Lord of the Rings is not usually portrayed as a love story. But that epic of magic and monsters and fraternal friendship contains many slivers of romance.

You saw Wonder Woman, right? And ever since, you’ve been running around the house crossing your wrists and trying to lasso the dogs, right? Point being: you saw it, you loved it, and you want to know what’s next.

If you’re planning your next road trip or getaway, you’re in luck: you can now combine your nerdiest passions with your time off by taking a trip to the many geek vacation destinations around the world.

While E3 is supposed to be a place where the video game industry’s biggest players present their wares in a bid to get you all excited about everything, it invariably ends up a contest, in which the game-playing public declare that some showings were better than others, and that the losers should thus be put to death.


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