Magical Words Link Roundup 6-14-2017


Steve Wetherell explains the Hermione Factor, and why he’s bored with the Strong Female Character.

Aquaman will be arriving in theaters late next year and during the buildup, there is sure to be plenty of people who say the same thing: “Aquaman is lame.” The jokes have been out there forever. The costume’s color scheme is too bright and, well, too orange, for anybody to be intimidated by it. And well, the whole “talks to fish” thing has been the butt of many jokes. It is difficult for those who have not fully versed themselves in the comics to truly appreciate this character.

Trump blocked Stephen King on Twitter, so J.K. Rowling stepped in to save the day.

Tracy K Smith has been named the Poet Laureate. Here’s a taste of her work.

In any society, even in times of stability, there’s bound to be a generation gap—but that gap gets so much larger at the end of everything, and so much more brutal in a world where one must kill the undead to survive.

During the 1970s and 1980s, with the explosion of fantasy entertainment through books, comics and movies, stories based on Celtic mythology suddenly became extremely hip. Unfortunately, the term ‘Celtic Mythology’ is a bit of a misnomer.

Years of classic novels being indignantly remodeled into terrible films have trained us to expect the worst. But even if they screw up nearly every aspect of the story, they usually end up getting at least one thing right. And in the case of these adaptations, it happened to be really crucial things.

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