Magical Words Link Roundup 6-13-2017


When your spouse goes missing or business partner turns up dead, you call a private eye, but when you’ve got zombies at the door, or a demon on your trail, you’ve better call an occult detective. Here are seven great consulting wizards, half-elf investigators, and demon-blooded detectives from the worlds of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Here are 11 rules of good writing that Iain M. Banks left as his legacy.

Writings from the 18th and 19th centuries frequently dramatize the potentially horrifying consequences of reading in bed.

Dystopian fiction goes back a ways, but John Christopher’s Tripods Trilogy was arguably the first example of that later, and now very familiar, subgenre, the young-adult dystopian series, and it anticipates all sorts of details and plot points from subsequent, better-known works.

Take high school. It’s weird, confusing, complicated, and frustrating. It’s a time of growth and change, when teens start discovering what they’re made of and who they want to be. Now throw in magic. What happens? That’s the premise of this new YA anthology. Schoolbooks & Sorcery is what happens when you take all the normal ups and downs of high school, inject a healthy dose of magic, shake, stir, and serve.

While the Jovian origin story has always been a bit of a mystery, a new study suggests the weird world got very large very quickly, and not from crushing protein shakes.

History is full of spots when people should have easily seen what was coming. Here are some warnings we probably should have heeded earlier on.

For the past four seasons of Orphan Black, the Clone Club has encountered Neolution in all of its mutations and side evolutions: the ominous Dyad Institute monitoring Project Leda, the religious Proletheans battling what they saw as the sins of science, and everything from the body-modification Neolution club to the creepy eugenics of the BrightBorn fertility clinics. But now, the premiere of the fifth and final season purports to cut all of that away to get to the true heart of Neolution.

A paper published in November 2016 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology reveals how even the simplest cues can transform the mental states of people making decisions, leading them to different outcomes without even noticing.


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