Magical Words Link Roundup 5/10/2017


Okay, fine, we weren’t going to do this, but here we go

Countless panels, articles, and even conferences have been dedicated to exploring the causes and effects of this lack of diversity. Yet one key piece of the puzzle remained a question mark: diversity among publishing staff.

Science fiction publishing has a major race problem; new report shows more than half of all science fiction magazines failed to publish fiction from black authors in 2015

Knowing it’s the depression talking doesn’t make it stop. Knowing the self-recriminations are a trap doesn’t stop them from pulling you down.

The desperate, confused mess that was Sleepy Hollow is no more. Fox has officially canceled the show after four seasons.

If you’re looking for more space operas featuring action, adventure, and a compelling cast of characters, these eight books like Guardians of the Galaxy are sure to hook you.

So what can you learn about storytelling through a tabletop game? Lots.

They come from near and far. They come in all shapes and sizes. Heck, they’re some of the best characters on television.

Between murderous vegetation, hyper-literal aliens, and Chris Pratt’s abs, there’s a lot of cool s%$t going on in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. But, as you’re about to find out, we were pretty close to having some unbearably bizarre story lines.


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