Magical Words Link Roundup 5-9-2017


Orlando Jones has long loved Neil Gaiman’s sci-fi/fantasy classic “American Gods.” So when the “Sleepy Hollow” star heard a daring adaptation would bring its road-trip tale of warring gods to television, he took to Twitter to publicly campaign for the role of the charming but unnerving Mr. Nancy/Anansi.

Why would aliens even bother with Earth?

Every story has characters that we favour and love; the ones we root for throughout. We want them to succeed, we want them to win. Then there are the characters we love to hate.

Albuquerque based Duke City Comic Con is scheduled to take place this weekend, but just over the last few days the con has managed to get itself in hot water.

NASA is reviewing 12 different proposals for an uncrewed mission to explore the solar system sometime in the next decade.

In this week’s episode of American Gods, Starz’s new TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, the show opened with a scene so riveting, so well-acted and so uncomfortably relevant that it’s hard to forget, even once the episode is over.

When we heard about the movie Arrival, we had the same reaction a lot of sci-fi fans did: “Linguistics? They’re going to make a movie about linguistics into a sci-fi blockbuster?” And damn it if that isn’t what they did.

Box office returns suggest Guardians of the Galaxy 2 already has all of your money, so you might as well make those dollars count by making sure you haven’t missed any in-jokes with our thoroughly spoiler-laden guide to the all the easter eggs, references, and deep cuts we found when watching the latest big-screen adventures of Star-Lord, Gamora, Baby Groot (adorbs), Rocket, Drax, and the rest of the gang.


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