Magical Words Link Roundup 5-31-2017


Jonathan Franzen claimed he won’t write about race because of limited ‘firsthand experience’, while Lionel Shriver hopes objection to ‘cultural appropriation is a passing fad’. So should there be boundaries on what a novelist can write about?

Astronomers have found a new “super-Earth” circling an M-dwarf star, and it could be habitable.

David Farland says, “A while ago I promised to tell you why I reject good stories when I’m reading for Writers of the Future. So let’s talk about those stories that get an Honorable Mention.”

WWhat are your dreams trying to tell you? Research suggests they could be warning you about disease risk factors.

Modern sci-fi and fantasy isn’t just the product of great writers — plenty of non-authors contributed to the genres we love as well.

Titus Chalk finally reads the book after which he was named – Mervyn Peake’s gothic classic Titus Groan.

We like to think we run the planet, with our higher intelligence and penchant for being pretty innovative at warfare. But a hard glance at the animal kingdom gives us pause.


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