Magical Words Link Roundup 5-29-2017


Literature allows us the oddly satisfying experience of reading about companies that embody our worst fears, and perhaps even act as a kind of warning sign, like The Jungle for climate change or Internet privacy. Here are 12 novels that serve up the creepiest of corporations.

Science fiction is a vast, expansive genre with many, many great stories from giant robots to alien invasions to exploring distant stars. And while we’ve all probably seen a few episodes of Star Trek, there’s a multitude of fantastic written works in the genre that chances are you’ve missed out on.

For decades, aspiring fantasy writers have been subjected to dismissive behavior from college professors who disparage genre literature, even though such professors often admit they’ve never actually read any fantasy or science fiction.

All eyes are on princess Diana of Themyscira, the world’s premier Amazonian warrior, as fans and critics brace themselves for what could be the biggest moment for superhero franchises in the last 15 years…Wonder Woman has already made history.

Dave Farland says,”Seriously, though, I sometimes wish that I could explain to a young writer why I’m passing on a story. So I’m going to talk about it here.”

There are bad movies and then there are really bad movies. In the olden days, we didn’t have a way to measure what were the most critically panned. But now, thanks to the magic of Rotten Tomatoes, it’s easy to find out which movies the critics agree stink.

We want to make things that are the best we could possibly make — because if they’re not our best, what’s the point? The problem is, we’re scared we’ll never achieve our best. So we put things off for months and agonize over our procrastination.

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