Magical Words Link Roundup 5-24-2017


Jim Hines, who went viral for making gender-swapped book covers, explains how he raises social awareness with his sci-fi.

Nobody likes layovers, but the first astronauts heading to Mars will get to experience one of the longest such experiences of their lives. They’ll have to spend one year going around the moon, which will probably be a very annoying wait for the first people heading to the red planet.

Jo Walton says, “I once wrote jokingly here that there are only three plots, and they are Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, and Belisarius, because those are the ones everyone keeps on reusing.”

Over the past decade, the public perception of electric cars has shifted dramatically: Surveys show that teens love Tesla, the Chevrolet Bolt was named car of the year, and in Shanghai, China, a plug-in hybrid Cadillac is winning over millennials. How did we get here?

The BBC has released a trailer for the final season of Orphan Black. I can’t wait!

Most of us love a good plot twist. We’re always trying to predict where a narrative is headed, but we’re usually thrilled when it takes an unexpected turn, surprises us, and makes us re-evaluate the assumptions we’ve made about the characters and the story.

Like the ocean it takes place on, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has had plenty of ups and downs.

Both Arrival and Moana share one particular commonality. Family relationships—and the emotional resonance of those relationships—between women of different generations have a deep influence on each film’s main character.

Buzzfeed presents 18 posts that will make book nerds laugh.


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