Magical Words Link Roundup 5-18-2017


Philip Athans said, “Last week I posted a short story that I wrote twenty-three years ago and had published in the now-defunct magazine Aberrations. I asked a big question: What have I learned in the last twenty-three years?”

Billions of years ago, rain on Mars was heavy enough to shape the planet’s surface, carving channels into the red dirt and washing away parts of impact craters, new research suggests.

No literary genre is an island. Even if there is one genre you usually read, odds are, it has more in common with other kinds of stories than you might think.

This is the alternate universe where legendary science-fiction writer William Gibson’s Alien III (that’s “III,” not “3”) screenplay was realized. It is, perhaps, a better world than ours…And yet, not only was the script never produced, it’s largely been forgotten.

What do people use to get stuff done?

A couple of thoughts about it. The best way to address it would have been “SpoCon and the hotel itself no longer allows room parties…

The Alien franchise should have stopped at Aliens. One original film, one sequel. (EDIT: Misty could not agree more!)

But despite the vast and wondrous spectrum that is man, Hollywood seems to have extremely specific ideas of what a man is supposed to be. And it’s not super great.

For readers who really dive into a book, it can be difficult to accept that the characters within are mere constructs of ink on paper.

Lots of people say that they love space opera, but can’t even name one space Diva.


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