Magical Words Link Roundup 4/20/2017


Maureen Eichner relates, “I felt a freedom to read all kinds of books: books that challenged me, and books that comforted me. Books that were too old for me and books that were too young.”

There are many kinds of humans in the world. That means there’re also many kinds of women. The logic of the above statement says two things: 1) that it is wrong for people speak out about conditions that are uncomfortable, unprofessional, or sometimes even dangerous and 2) that only people with the strength to survive a gauntlet that can include being groped onstage, being mocked publicly, having their work denigrated for no reason other than having been produced by a woman, and a multitude of other forms of harassment deserve careers and the rest are out of luck.

Tara Sparling said, “The other day, I tried a little experiment, and attempted to browse Amazon as though it were a good old-fashioned, bricks-and-mortar bookshop. It didn’t end well. It’s a miracle that my laptop survived the experiment, given my frustration.”

Chuck Wendig presents the things he’s learned after writing 20 books.

Got a hanged man’s corpse? Don’t know what to do now?

With news that a group of brave souls are going to attempt to adapt it into a TV series, the world was forcibly reminded last week that Piers Anthony is still cranking out Xanth books.

The secret to book selling is not so secret anymore. The answer lies in the unspoken pact between an author and reader, which agrees a great cover equals excellent writing. Honestly, we know the premise is false—great stories exist inside shoddy covers and vice versa—but the expectation remains.

Alyssa Wong talks about why “I’m a feminist, but -” isn’t enough.



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